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A-Nex Launches ICO For Its Unhackable Technology

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A-Nex touts unhackable CAT tech as it launches its ICO.

Cyber Coin company A-Nex announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) yesterday, November 15th. The cryptocurrency enterprise platform A-Nex basically looks after the sale and exchange of smart contracts, virtual currencies, and tokens.

With the ICO fundraising, A-Nex plans to venture the unexplored territories of digitization while ultimately benefitting the cryptocurrency economy. It also plans to enhance security measures in the crypto business in a bid to revolutionize the financial landscape.

A-Nex Leveraging the Unhackable Cloud Technology

One of the leaders in the digital marketplace, Cyber Advanced Technology (CAT), is the technology provider for A-Nex. CAT has proved its technological prowess by inventing an unhackable cloud technology which will offer advanced protection to cryptocurrency businesses.

The key ingredient of the unhackable cloud technology is the Operational Technology-Operation Centric Networks (OT-OCNTM). It helps to overcome several shortcomings of the existing digital world into the blockchain standards. Moreover, it touches down on one of the most important aspects i.e. the secure transaction and transfer of digital funds.

In the last two decades, there is a transformational change in the digitization of the global economy. Simultaneously, it has also encountered the challenges of hacking and cyber-crime. The virus of cyber-crime and hacking has spread like an epidemic and even big organizations like Facebook, Google, eBay, Twitter, and others are not averse to it.

Moreover, the traditional economic systems are largely centralized and controlled by big organizations. This single point of failure makes them vulnerable to external attacks. Therefore, A-Nex has a good case to make, especially when it utilizes CAT.

The arrival of decentralized blockchain technology post the 2008 financial crisis proved to be a game-changing event. The distributed ledger technology spreads information across multiple nodes of the network. Hence, it makes it nearly impossible for attackers to succeed. Thus the blockchain provides more robust security over other centralized systems.

A Sneak-Peek Into CAT’s Solutions

The Operational Technology-Operation Centric Networks (OT-OCNTM) has dominated the digital space in the last 15 years. The OT-OTC is popular as the “undecipherable cloud software framework” providing a superior level of network stability and security.

As noted in the press release,

“The CAT infrastructure handles more than 1 million packet inspections per second and analyzes more than 2,000 rules, while disabling malicious attacks in real time without disrupting the user’s operations.”

The CAT technology, powering A-Nex project, has proved its merit in high-profile hacking events and turns out that it is unhackable. CAT is gaining immense popularity in South Korea specifically for cryptocurrency finances and the blockchain industry. A number of other countries have shown interest in adopting the CAT technology.

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