Top Running Cryptocurrencies November 17th, 2018
Top Running Cryptocurrencies November 17th, 2018
Terra Joins Klaytn To Streamline Global E-Commerce
Terra Joins Klaytn To Streamline Global E-Commerce
Tokyo Police Shuts Down $68M USD Pyramid Scheme
Tokyo Police Shuts Down $68M USD Pyramid Scheme
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Top Running Cryptocurrencies November 16th, 2018

The top performing cryptocurrency of the day is Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token (BAT) traded up 10.36% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on...

Coinmine Launches All-In-One Mining Device

The cryptocurrency market is mainly a platform where people trade digital currencies. Most people do not mine cryptocoins due to the cost and complexity of the process. However, Coinmine launches a cryptocurrency mining device that...

Bittrex Listing Of SpaceChain (SPC) Draws Serious Interest

The SpaceChain (SPC) token price surged recently after Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange added support for the coin. The token rallied by roughly 87% from the $0.016 mark to just over $0.03 USD, as traders took note...

Fantasy Crypto Trading Can Hone Your Skills

Similar to forex trading, trading virtual currencies requires experience and a certain knowledge level. Interestingly, there is a fantasy cryptocurrency trading league whose main aim is to virtually involve participants in the cryptocurrency market, without...

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Captain Kirk Boldly Comes To Ethereum Founder’s Defense

Star Trek star, William Shatner, has come to Ethereum and it's founder's defense over the project’s centralization accusations. Ethereum continues to attract negative publicity over how decentralized it truly is. Centralization vs. Decentralization However, Mr. Shatner does not...

Bancor Pioneers Ethereum/EOS Cross-Chain Trading

Cardano (ADA) Becomes A Target Of Wild Optimism

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Google’s G Suite Twitter Account Briefly Hacked

New York Digital Investment Group Bags BitLicense

Top Running Cryptocurrencies November 15th, 2018

Bitmain’s Profits Discrepancies Endanger Its IPO

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DigiByte To Deploy ASIC-Resistant Algorithms

Hut 8 Crypto Mining Firm Rakes in Huge Revenue

Lition Uses Ethereum Blockchain To Power 700 Houses

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XRP Class Action Lawsuit Moved To Federal Court

Petro Limited With A Bizarre Trading Deadline

South Korean Lawyers Push for Crypto Regulations

Capiche Auto-Generates Regulatory Compliance

SEC To Establish Important ICO Guidelines


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