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Top Cryptocurrencies October 19th, 2018

The top performing cryptocurrency of the day is Digitex Futures. Digitex Futures (DGTX) traded up 20.05% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 02:23 PM Eastern Standard Time on October 19,...

Cryptocurrencies: What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The essence of creating this guide is to answer any question you might have concerning Ethereum Classic (ETC). In order to grasp the reason why and how Ethereum Classic came into being, it is essential...

Elon Musk’s Baby, The Boring Company, Accepts Crypto-Payments

Wondering where to spend some of your cryptocurrencies holdings? Well, wonder no more, as Elon Musk’s The Boring Company, has started accepting cryptocurrency payments. You can now purchase any of the handheld flamethrowers among other...

J Ventures Snags Microsoft And R3 To Simplify Lending

J Ventures, the Thai company that held its initial coin offering (ICO) earlier in 2018, has announced a strategic business collaboration. Their new partners are Corda blockchain developer R3, and software development giant Microsoft. According...

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CyberMiles’ Travis MainNet Ready To Displace Ethereum

A public blockchain for eCommerce apps development, CyberMiles, has announced the release of its mainnet called Travis MainNet. Before its launch, CyberMiles had released Lity, its programming language, and CyberMiles’ Virtual Machine (CVM). Indeed, the launch of the...

“World of Ether” Showcases ERC-20 Tokens

Dogecoin (DOGE) Prepares For Potential Coinbase Listing

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In Norway, A Bitcoin (BTC) Trade Ends In A Potential Murder

Caroline Wozniacki To Launch Cryptocurrency, Partners With GCOX

What is Monero (XMR)? An Introduction And Guide

Nebbex™ – Cold Storage Without The Inconvenience?

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What Is Cryptocurrency Staking?

Bitmain Getting Crushed By Trump’s Tariffs

Bitfarms Unveils A Custom-Built Mining Pool

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Chainalysis On A Mission To Raise Crypto Credibility

Nasdaq Entry Into The Cryptosphere Is Imminent

Security Tokens May Be A Safer Bet For Investors

Thailand Initiates A Rigorous Study For Crypto-Integration

UAE Readies ICO Regulations Amid Oil Price Dip

CFTC Chairman Has A Positive Crypto-Outlook


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