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AI Crypto Kicks GPU Efficiency Into Overdrive

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AI Crypto pushes the envelope of AI blockchain implementation.

Have you thought about the enthralling potential of the possible fusion of blockchain and AI? Certainly, someone has and is already working laboriously on it. Introducing AI Crypto, a disruptive project that inventively kneads blockchain with AI. Obviously, AI Crypto started off as a drive to allow more common people to access the benefits of the AI market.

AI Crypto and Its Formidable Team

Well armed with a sophisticated team of experts boasting decades of experience among them, AI crypto is cutting down on the “aristocracy” of the AI market. Just anyone interested in AI can now jump in and participate at an incredibly low cost. Furthermore, the team has been working on a decentralized ecosystem which enables a more efficient and less discriminatory distribution of AI resources. Therefore, with this platform, anyone can access AI resources like data as well as Graphics Processing Units (GPU).

Of course, the AI Crypto has its major focus on developing decentralized ecosystems. Nonetheless, the team remarkably embedded GPUs with AI and mining. AI Crypto expertly understand that GPUs are indispensable even far more than mining cryptocurrencies. The reality is that GPUs form the bedrock of AI deep learning. With this in mind, we see that mammoth resources and time have been poured into creating an innovative solution within blockchain. One that successfully merges GPUs with AI Deep learning.

GPU Processing Remains a Challenging Expedition

AI deep learning and GPU is such a complex union, yet its promise is dazzling. However, at present, profits accrued from mining have not been too encouraging. Measuring from the statistics, one GPU generates $0.15 USD per hour. At the same time, the cost is still an important consideration. It is quite ridiculous that the burn rate of GPUs is alarmingly high. On average, $1 USD is expended for every 60 minutes of using GPU. Additionally, developers’ fees almost dwarf any reasonable profit.

This lack of attraction in GPU mining regarding the discouraging profit margin is one of the inspirations for AI Crypto. The team has started an unprecedented initiative to judiciously equip more mining pools with GPU processing technology. Most remarkable is AI Crypto’s AI multi-mining function. This was its flagship feature.

This technology gives the GPUs the capacity to mine regardless of the availability of deep-learning training requests. Therefore, irrespective of how readily one can access high-performance GPUs, with the AI Crypto, one can conveniently create his AI app.

By the same token, AI Crypto is already cementing itself as an authority in this regard. Top organizations like Bitforex (one of the biggest exchange companies around) is already in AI Crypto’s entourage. Also, other notable companies are BlueBerry Games Co., Ltd and Reality Lab Co., Ltd.


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