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AMSYS Capital Aims To Alleviate Crypto-Volatility

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AMSYS Capital Aims To Alleviate Crypto-Volatility

One of the major setbacks that crypto-asset investors have to face every day is the volatility of cryptocurrency. Indeed, it appears there are no encompassing, permanent solutions to this problem as there are no central authorities that regulate digital assets. However, a hedge fund, AMSYS Capital, seems to look beyond that as it plans to venture into the cryptocurrency space.

On Saturday, AMSYS Capital, Amsys Digital Asset Fund’s investment manager, disclosed the launch of its digital asset fund. This product, known as the Fund, will make it the first of its kind from the investment management company. As per the press statement, the Fund aims to manage growth within the ever-volatile digital market.

What Is AMSYS Capital’s Strategy?

According to the CEO of AMSYS Capital, Shezad Kapadia, AMSYS Digital Asset Funds is looking to leverage blockchain technology to provide investors’ exposure to cryptocurrency. The hedge fund strongly believes that its moves will enable it to take advantage of a new type of asset class that is dynamic. It also believes that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology may have more useful, transactional worth to the e-commerce industry and global currency in the near future. Obviously, cryptocurrency assets continue to grow as a new asset class. The most notable ones being Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). It is in this backdrop that companies around the world tokenize crowd-sales to raise capitals. Today, companies around the world have raised billions of dollars in capital.

AMSYS Capital Investment Objective

Essentially, the hedge fund has a clear investment objective. The Fund will invest in the volatile market responsibly. Afterward, it will gain a capital appreciation and record some absolute returns. To achieve this, the Fund will offer investors a wide array of crypto-assets. In clear terms, the Fund will offer all Qualified Eligible Persons, Rule 506(C) of Regulation D.

Background Information

A look at its background shows that AMSYS Digital Asset Fund is a hedge fund, meaning that it has the objective of managing exposure, volatility, and compound gains within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Basically, the firm has advisory companies that play important roles in order to deliver high-quality service to its clients. These companies include Amsys Innovative Solution, which has 15 years IT experience; AMCHART, a blockchain company that inputs all health records into the immutable ledger of blockchain. In addition to the two companies, there is Amsys Blockchain, which is an active blockchain advisory and development company. No doubt, the expert advice that comes from these advisory companies will help the hedge fund to have a better insight into the cryptocurrency market, as well as making it a superior trader.


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