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AT&T To Launch Blockchain-Enabled Enterprise Suite

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AT&T To Launch Blockchain-Enabled Enterprise Suite

AT&T has developed a suite for blockchain-based enterprise solutions which are compatible with IBM and Microsoft technologies. With these blockchain-powered solutions, enterprise customers can use them to digitize and automate their business processes. Also, these enterprise solutions help customers to manage and track information within a multi-party ecosystem. Essentially, the enterprise solution applies across vertical industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and many others.

What’s the Goal of the Enterprise Solution?

Indeed, the goal of the AT&T blockchain-based enterprise solution is clear: to help enterprise customers across many industries solve their complex business problems. In order to stay profitable, today’s business environment requires companies to cut costs, simplify business processes and reduce risks. In fact, blockchain technology helps enterprise customers to keep their businesses profitable. It does so by creating a shared ecosystem across multiple parties. In the end, it’s a developing information superhighway which supports resource exchange in a legal and secure way.

Compatibility of the Suite of Blockchain-enabled Solution

Basically, this suite is a mix of edge-to-edge capabilities with blockchain technology. But that’s not all. The Internet of Things (IoT) solution contributes immensely to the critical monitoring and automation capabilities as well. So, the AT&T team is designing, deploying and managing the blockchain-based suite to meet the specifications of:

Microsoft Azure blockchain technology: This supports a broad spectrum of enterprise ledgers such as Ethereum, Corda, Quorum, Chain, and HyperLedger Fabric. Also, it offers diverse topologies for multi-member consortium, single member, and dev/testing. Indeed, this blockchain technology leverages MS Azure Blockchain Technology’s open, trusted cloud platform. By integrating IoT and AT&T platforms, the enterprise solution offers accountability and transparency to tackle relevant issues in even complex supply chains.

IBM Blockchain: Similarly, the AT&T enterprise solution creates data on the IBM platform. A critical look at it shows that the IBM platform is an enterprise-grade blockchain-enabled ecosystem that powers countless production networks. Indeed, IBM Blockchain enables a wide spectrum of industry use cases such as provenance, supply chain management and logistics. Also, the AT&T Management Operation Center integrates with the IBM Maximo Network on Maximo Asset Health Insights and the blockchain. The aim of the seamless union is to create an accountable and secure service provider network for effective infrastructural asset management.

Which Industries can Apply for the AT&T Enterprise Solution?

  • Manufacturing: In the manufacturing industry, the blockchain-based suite can track the origin as well as the movement of goods. Yes, it tracks the entire supply chain.
  • Retail: The retail industry can also apply the suite to ensure product authenticity by tracking. It can also eliminate excess stock and reduce waste.
  • Healthcare: Apart from manufacturing and retail sectors, the blockchain enterprise solution plays an important role in the healthcare sector. It helps administrative users to maintain and securely share updated patients’ records.


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