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Bibox Unleashes BiboxLab: Creating Leaders From Worthy Startups

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BiboxLab to create a new venue of crypto-funding.

The blockchain industry is one that is roaring with inventions. A horde of brains has stepped out of the well-trodden tracks in order to innovatively think and create solutions for the burgeoning blockchain world. Of course, many of such innovations owe their success to incubation as well. In the light of this, Bibox is one of the most revolutionary cryptocurrency exchanges. Kicking off operations in 2017, Bibox has turned on the heat on competitive platforms like Huobi and Binance. This is because Bibox vibrantly poses a capable alternative exchange. Now, they are launching the BiboxLab

Announcing this heartwarming development at the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo, held in New York, Bibox co-founder Aries Wang told the world that the BiboxLab project will aim at providing buoyant support resources to startup entrepreneurs in the blockchain galaxy.

How BiboxLab Will Operate

BiboxLab will essentially fuse together ambitious startups with the resources they need to grow. Benevolently dishing needful funding as well as logistics and technical support to startups in the blockchain niche, Bibox aims to incubate fledgling startups into leading blockchain partakers who will vigorously shake and change the blockchain industry.

Of course, money is not easy to come by and no one readily throws money into an ocean. Thus, you would expect Bibox’s screening process to be highly meticulous. This is true because Bibox strategically optimizes its investment funnel so that only the most deserving of startups get the requisite funding to unleash their disruptive potential on the blockchain industry. This said, what then will be the criteria for picking the startups to be incubated?

The Criteria for Selection

The first will be short-term landing possibilities. Yes, the startup must not need a millennium before it starts raking in significant success. This means that the startup would be viable even on the transient. In addition to this, the startups will not lazily duplicate existing technology. Thus the startups will have to be innovative, bringing in fresh and beaming solutions to the existing cracks in blockchain technology. Lastly. the startups must accept regulation. Do the criteria look as hard as those for winning the US presidential elections? Well, BiboxLab sets them so that it ensures it is only pouring money wisely into promising and fruitful startups.

Certainly, pass these requirements and you are sure to get the Bibox money raining on your startup. According to Bibox co-founder Aries Wang, the company will leave no stone unturned in propelling their chosen startups to success. In his words, “As long as the project meets our criteria for quality, we will spare no effort to help it grow.”

While the BiboxLab will start in New York, it will spread through North America, and the world at large, in due time.


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