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In Norway, A Bitcoin (BTC) Trade Ends In A Potential Murder

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In Norway, A Potential Bitcoin (BTC) Trade Ends In Murder

Police in Norway are investigating the death of a 24-year-old who had just completed a cash-for-bitcoin transaction. While the motive behind the potential murder is still unclear, all indication is that it could be a result of a deal gone wrong.

A Potential Crypto-Related Murder

The incident took place at an apartment in an Oslo neighborhood between 7:50 AM and 12:10 PM. While the police are yet to confirm possible cryptocurrency dealings, friends and relatives insist the victim of the potential murder was a cryptocurrency fanatic.

We are familiar with a tip about Bitcoin, but at this time we will not provide more information about the investigation,” said Grete Lien Melted, head of the Investigation and Intelligence unit with the Oslo police. “We will thoroughly investigate every possible version. Economic motives are one of these versions.

Initial indication is that the crime scene may as well have acted as a safe house for huge sums of money prior to the incident. The police have also intimated at a possible connection between the current incident and two other crimes in the region.

The severe crime in Norway paints a clear picture of how things are slowly getting out of hand with widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Assault cases involving cryptocurrency traders appear to be gaining momentum by the day.

Cryptocurrency Illegal Activities

In June of this year, a former Bitcoin core developer, Jameson Lopp, published a list documenting attacks involving cryptocurrency traders. The developer went on to launch a source repository that lists such incidents as a way of shedding more light on them.

Lopp himself has already fallen victim of such malfeasance after anonymous individual sent authorities to his home. The caller had reportedly informed the police of a non-existent hostage situation in his house in an unclear circumstance.

Growing negative publicity thanks to this incident is the last thing that cryptocurrencies need or want right now. Regulators around the world are deliberating the way forward when it comes to legislation. While some countries have resorted to imposing bans on activities involving crypto-assets, others have sought to regulate them.

Regulation is becoming increasingly inevitable as countries look to safeguard the public from criminal activities. The use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering purposes has also made regulation inevitable.

Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity, especially in the underground world, in part because they make it impossible for authorities to track transactions. Regulation is seen as the only way countries would be able to curtail cases pertaining to fraud and money laundering.

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