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Block Estates Leading The Charge Into The Real Estate Industry

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Block Estates launches a comprehensive blockchain-powered real estate platform.

Block Estates has announced that it is creating a comprehensive blockchain-enabled platform for the real estate industry. The new platform will also enable all sorts of transactional capabilities by leveraging secure smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Features of the Platform

Block Estates plans to kick off a tokenized real estate investment. For investors to access this real asset-backed investment, they will need to acquire the Block Estates token. Notice that the tokens will be ERC-20 protocol compliant. Indeed, there are lots of exciting benefits attached to the token. These benefits include profit sharing, income, and token price appreciation.

A look at Block Estates business model shows that it mirrors the development of the blockchain-based real-estate ecosystem. Also, the platform will provide a frictionless, efficient, and borderless system that powers a lot of real estate services. All transactions between the two parties are performed online in real time while the system remains secure.

Other Attributes of the Block Estates Platform

In addition, there are other functions that the platform will feature to make it stand out. Yes, introducing tokenized services and investments to it will definitely make it the global leader in real-estate blockchain market. Block Estates management stated that the development of the platform will happen in three phases. Phase 1 has already reached an advanced state this September. The beta version of the platform will launch in Q4 2018 with more features added as time goes on.

Similarly, phases 2 and 3 will see more functions incorporated into the platform. These phases will also diverse the broad range of services that the company will offer through the platform. This spectrum of services includes real asset investment, monitoring, trading, and management. To this end, Block Estates will develop a proprietary blockchain platform.

Background Information

This emerging market is for the taking, and Block Estates is a real estate firm that is developing a blockchain-powered real estate investment platform. The platform will lead to a lucrative, innovative, and real estate-backed asset class for investors to inject funds in. These investments will launch in leading global markets. As a result, investors will have access to local and cross-border real estate investments around the world.

During the Block Estates STO, real asset portfolios will be tokenized and secure for investments. Also, for all investors interested in the STO, they can purchase the tokens via the Block Estate platform. The token will feature smart contracts and ERC-20 protocol standard. To provide trading liquidity, the tokens will be listed on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.


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