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Blockchain Terminal (BCT) & Monarch Tearing Down Trading Barriers

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Blockchain Terminal (BCT) & Monarch Tearing Down Trading Barriers

Blockchain Terminal (BCT) has inked a strategic partnership with Monarch Blockchain Corporation. Under the terms of the deal, Monarch has agreed to pre-load its cold wallet solution into all Monarch-partnered Blockchain terminals.

Monarch Blockchain & Blockchain Terminal (BCT) Partnership

The two come together in a bid to make to make it easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to store and trade in all sorts of crypto-assets. Instead of opening accounts in multiple exchanges, people will now be able to do everything on a single mobile application. Monarch users will soon be able to trade on over 100 exchanges without managing funds in any of the exchanges.

The partnership should result in the combination of Monarch wallet capabilities and BCT high-powered trading and analytics ecosystem. Consequently, Blockchain Terminal users should be able to access Monarch Wallet for storage services.

Prospective users can access Monarch Wallet in the Apple Store. The fact that the digital wallet supports more than 1500 altcoins makes it ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Blockchain Terminal has also agreed to integrate its trading ecosystem into Monarchs exchange. The integration should allow users to trade across 165 cryptocurrency exchanges.

A merger between BCT routing system and Monarch’s patent-pending blockchain protocol for payments affirms Monarch Token prospects.

The Blockchain Terminal proposes to bring unseen analytics and tools to the crypto-space that are affordable for everyday users, unlike traditional stock trading platforms. Monarch is honored to be the only crypto-wallet solution to come pre-loaded for their users,” said Monarch Blockchain president Robert Beadles.

Targeting High Net-worth Investors

The integration will also allow Blockchain Terminal users to execute trades at the best prices across exchanges. The platform is also to provide a framework that meets hedge fund compliance requirements.

The result should be an ideal gateway for accredited investors to venture into the cryptocurrency business. Blockchain Terminal is to leverage Compliance Guard as a way of increasing market confidence through the creation of transparent audit trails.

By coming together, Monarch and Blockchain Terminal, hope to eliminate the barriers to entering the cryptocurrency space. They are to combine forces in a bid to offer a solution that is both safe and easier for people.

Regulation of the industry is a must if high net-worth investors are to pursue opportunities in the burgeoning sector. Many of them continue to shrug the sector on concerns of a lack of policies that guarantee the protection of investments.


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