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BonusCloud – Superior Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing takes the next step with BonusCloud.

Greatness resides in courage and vision. Furthermore, very few people have the guts for glory. Many of the biggest success stories that adorn history were stories of men or women who could take the leap into the unknown. These individuals have the entrepreneurial bravado to start their own businesses despite the luscious comforts of remaining employed by someone. Cloud computing is just one more obstacle to overcome.

This is the story of Shuang Liu, former General Manager of Meituan Open Services (MOS). Shuang would boldly walk out on many mouth-watering offers from the leaders of his industry to ambitiously start his own business: BonusCloud. It is Shuang’s vision to reputably install BonusCloud as an AWS in decentralized cloud computing.

Who Is Shuang Liu?

Of course, Shuang is well equipped with the brains and volume of experience required to make this work. Besides, Shuang is a cloud computing expert with over ten years of experience. Before taking the bold move to start BonusCloud, Shuang operated as the Director of Alibaba Network Department, the General Manager of MOS, and Chairman of System Technology Committee at Baidu. Are you applauding already?

The Vision Behind The Mission

BonusCloud aims to be the medicine for many of the ailments of traditional cloud service. Some of these spread through the high cost of operation, lack of industry standards, and even a black-box operating environment. Shuang hopes to inventively leverage a blockchain-driven cloud platform to solve these cracks by recording audits as well as transactions in the chains.

Shuang hopes to weld blockchain and cloud computing together. This way, he can ramp up the blockchain capacity of virtual machines. This would further expand the scope of the PaaS application. In the end, BonusCloud will wield the capacity to carry out storage applications, network applications, as well as the execution of smart contracts.

Still On The Map

Still on BonusCloud’s map is to develop a universal-computing, power-trading platform. Moreover, this will bring together global computing resources cutting across IDC, cloud computing, enterprise computing centers, etc. BonusCloud aims to attract a horde of application developers, resources contributors, and platform users.  Banking on low price and powerful computing power, BonusCloud is confident in creating a reputable cloud computing platform service that significantly distorts the questionable dynamics of traditional centralized cloud computing.

For this gigantic mass of ambition, Shuang is fortifying himself with a formidable team with a track record of success. The startup is already on the good books of leading global internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Cisco, and Meituan. Shuang hopes to explore the network he has already knitted with help from his previous work experience.


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