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Bytom (BTM) Specializes In Migrating Digital Assets

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Bytom (BTM) Specializes In Migrating Digital Assets

The business world is evolving rapidly. As a result, elements of the physical world are increasingly transmitted into the digital world. Indeed, as big data continues to play a critical role in our lives, computing power becomes indispensable to our modern way of life. Moving forward, certain tools that allow us to work on digital platforms, such as email and software, were the first to take center-stage. Today, we live in a world where we technologically migrate valuables to the digital world; these valuables are equities, securities, assets, bonds, dividends, etc. Bytom (BTM) enters the picture to help us make sense of it all by bridging this critical divide.

Meet Bytom

The truth is, Bytom is here to propel the migration of these real-world assets into the digital world. To achieve this, it enables individuals and institutions to develop financial and digital asset apps. Feel free to call it a digital asset layer protocol. Noteworthy, it maps out assets in the digital world and also synchronizes them with a blockchain-based platform. This way, there is interoperability between the two worlds.

Bytom Classification of Assets

Basically, Bytom blockchain categorizes assets into three categories:

  • Equity assets: These assets include the equity of private funds, the equity of non-listed companies, etc.; to transfer these assets to the Bytom blockchain, it requires a qualified investor verification.
  • Income assets: Ideally, these assets include fixed local government instruments, non-performing assets, home-stay properties, etc.
  • Securitized assets: These include debts, automobile loans, and others. These assets are unique because they can generate predictable cash flows.

Consequently, the Bytom protocol allows users to trade these assets over a blockchain. The platform also eliminates the middlemen in asset transfer, thus reducing costs and improving the transfer speed. No doubt, having these assets on the blockchain introduces a layer a security, which is a service that third-party organizations don’t and can’t offer.

The Bytom Token (BTM)

Specifically, its native token is BTM. These tokens serve as transaction fees for asset trading, a deposit of asset issuance, and dividends for income assets. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the Bytom issuers have minted 2.1 billion BTM tokens. Today, one billion BTM is already in circulation. Suffice to say, BTM currently trades at $0.17 USD. Accordingly, the token is readily available and interested traders can purchase it on exchanges, such as RightBTC, KuCoin, Bibox and OKEx. Coming to the storage of these tokens, users can store BTM within the Bytom Wallet. Guess what! It is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Since it runs on a full range of operating systems, anyone can take advantage of Bytom.


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