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Can Codius And SBI Crypto Exchange Boost XRP Price To $10?

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Will Codius boost the XRP price?

The arrival of Ripple’s Codius smart contract platform is creating huge excitement among its fans and supporters. Ripple’s former CTO, Stefan Thomas, is the brain behind the Codius platform.

The primary goal of the new Codius platform is to establish seamless interoperability between different types of blockchains in the crypto space. Moreover, the platform will continuously search for new ways of monetizing the web. Using smart contract techniques and DLT, Codius also plans to overhaul the traditional ways of doing things.

Codius Can Bring Back the Lost Glory for XRP

Just at the start of 2018 when the cryptocurrency market was at its peak, XRP emerged as a popular choice for crypto investment. Moreover, due to a huge inrush of investor money, XRP surged to hit its all-time high of $3.81 USD.

However, this journey was short-lived and XRP has corrected nearly 80% since then. But now, experts believe that the arrival of Codius can put XRP back on the northward trajectory.

The arrival of a simple yet innovative smart contract platform can help usher liquidity in XRP. But is it enough to meet the projected price of $10 USD? The answer is certainly a big “NO!”

SBI Virtual Currencies’ Focus on XRP

Experts believe that the launch of digital currency exchange – SBI Virtual Currencies – can prove to be a big game changer. This is because the trading platform puts a huge focus on XRP.

Moreover, it is the outcome of more than a two-year-old partnership between Ripple Labs and the parent of the exchange i.e. SBI Holdings. CEO of SBI Virtual Currencies, Yoshitaka Kitao, is largely bullish for XRP to reach $10 USD price. Kitao mentions his XRP price predictions in several of his recent tweets.

A Number of Global Banks to Adopt Ripple Products by 2019

Apart from other experts, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is largely bullish on the future growth of the company. Garlinghouse said that the number of partnerships made with global banking institutions will start to reflect it by 2019.

These partnerships will see Ripple products used by global banking partners for quick and easy cross-border payments and settlements. This could possibly mean that a number of financial institutions will use the xRapid service which can bring significant liquidity for the XRP tokens.

Note that it is only the xRapid product from Ripple Labs that uses XRP tokens for cross-border settlements. Ripple has other blockchain products to offer as well.

In conclusion, the $10 USD XRP price is an unusually optimistic prediction. However, given the interoperability of the Codius platform along with Ripple’s growing banking connections,  it may come to fruition.

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