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CoinBundle Offers Three New Investment Bundles

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CoinBundle Offers Three New Investment Bundles

Popular cryptocurrency investment platform CoinBundle is aggressively introducing new investment options of bundled digital assets for retail investors. The company recently introduced three new investing bundles – Halal Bundle, Coinbasic Bundle, and Top-20 Bundle.

CoinBundle Developing a Crypto-conducive Environment For Investors

CoinBundle is moving ahead in its mission to develop a crypto-conducive environment for investors. Additionally, the company plans to improve cryptocurrency market participation by tapping investors from emerging markets.

CoinBundle provides a user-friendly platform for new investors and also helps them gain informative knowledge on digital assets. Furthermore, it provides its customers with a safe and qualified custodian solution to invest in cryptocurrencies.

All-in-all, CoinBundle helps customers to build cryptocurrency portfolios by assisting them during each layer of the investment cycle. It also guides investors to properly diversify their investments in the cryptocurrency market and mitigate risks along the way.

CoinBundle CEO, Saad Rizvi, expressed optimism on the launch of three new crypto-investment bundles. Rizvi said,

“Our newest bundles will open up the world of cryptocurrencies to an entirely new category of investors by allowing them to invest in a way that reflects their beliefs, needs and preferences for the first time. We’re excited to lead the charge in bringing responsible, portfolio-based crypto investing to billions of new investors in emerging markets.”

Features of the Newly Introduced Investment Bundles

The newly introduced bundles by CoinBundle are classified into three different categories based on the investor’s risk profile. The three categories include Conservative (CNS2), Aggressive (AGR10), and Emerging (EMG10) Bundles. Moreover, each bundle is unique in its own different ways.

  • Coinbasic Bundle (BASIC): As the name suggests, this bundle is basic in a way that it is cheaper and easy-to-use for investors. The company also notes that this is an efficient alternative to its recently introduced Coinbase bundle. The minimum purchase amount of the Coinbasic bundle is $5 USD, against Coinbase’s $25 USD. The bundle is available to investors in Canada, Europe, and 140 other global destinations. The company claims that this bundle, “allows users to invest even more money in bundles and get up to 25 percent higher returns over their lifetime.
  • Halal Bundle (HALAL): This bundle of crypto assets is specifically designed to be compliant with Islamic Finance. As a result, this bundle opens up the floodgates of cryptocurrency investments to 1.8 billion Muslims, globally. Furthermore, it will allow the Islamic Financial institutions to venture in the cryptocurrency market. CoinBundle says that the Halal bundle “is meticulously researched to ensure adherence with the core tenets of Muslim investing.” Each bundle requires sign-off from a religious scholar.
  • Top-20 (TOP 20): This bundle will allow investors to invest in top-20 crypto assets by market cap trading volumes. The minimum purchase amount is pegged at $5 USD. This bundle is specifically designed for investors who want to make relatively safe investments without wasting much time and effort to buy them individually.

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