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Contentos And Bitsclub To Solidify Content Ecosystem

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Contentos and Bitsclub draw from each other's strengths.

Incentivized mining pool firm, Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP), has joined forces with Contentos (COS), a blockchain-based content creation firm. According to the companies, the aim of the collaboration is to further expand the blockchain ecosystem.

Also, they hope to explore areas of mutual interests to further the scope of the two companies. Indeed, BVP-COS partnership will be the first partnership for BVP. The company hopes to tap into the rich resources of COS, especially its high-quality client base, thus improving its long-term robustness.

Mechanism of the Partnership

The objective of the collaboration is to have both firms build a robust, decentralized content ecosystem based on blockchain technology. They are also coming together to mutually make headway in the quest to solve content-related pitfalls. Sure, the two companies have already identified these pitfalls as opaque control of traffic flow, not enough copyright protections, etc. Moreover, in the other areas of the content industry, they are looking to facilitate P2P revenue distribution and ending fraud.

The Role of Contentos

This partnership will make BVP’s goal of integrating 100 million users to blockchain feasible. They will do this through their technologically sound and robust projects. Also, Contentos will benefit from the partnership as they hope to expand their global ecosystem. To put it into proper perspective, their system currently boasts 160 million pieces of live content and more than 3 million videos.

Another significant benefit that Contentos stands to gain is tapping into BVP’s extensive list of founders. Yes, these founders are willing to provide Contentos with expertise and advisers.

Wrapping Up

Without doubt, the Bitsclub – Contentos business collaboration will see to it that both companies work together to expand their ecosystems. Furthermore, the partnership will also help BVP to connect high quality projects to the benefits of blockchain technology. Indeed, the collaboration will go a long way in uniting the traditional industry and the blockchain industry. When this happens, new energies will be injected into the blockchain ecosystem. In turn, it will open up the space for further exploration and advancement of blockchain technology.

Background Information

Dr. Ye Zhou is the owner of Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP), a partner of SB China Venture Capital. BVP has the objective of bridging the gap between traditional industries and the blockchain technology. While at this, they focus on projects with sound business models and a stable user base. On the other hand, Contentos (COS) is a blockchain project built for the global content industry.


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