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CrowdfundX Reveals New STO Advisory Services

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One of the leading marketing firms in the financial industry, CrowdfundX is launching a fresh advisory service for issuers. This new security token offering (STO) advisory service would help issuers who meet its qualifications.

For almost ten months, CrowdfundX has immersed itself in marketing STOs in the global financial industry. It has done so by the provision of strategic introductions between 220 U.S. crypto hedge funds and its issuer clients. This also extends to institutional investors, as well as venture capital firms. Essentially, STOs bank on Rule 506(c) of Reg D to accrue funds from accredited creditors who additionally boast verification. This is because STOs are token offerings carrying regulation.

Counsel so Deeply Needed

The big guys in the industry like KODAKOne and tZERO rank among those who enjoy CrowdfundX’s STO marketing services. Naturally, CrowdfundX, having established itself as a leader in such marketing services, enjoys this kind of voluminous patronage from businesses pertaining to its STO management. Therefore, CrowdfundX is regularly pelted with inquiries from reputably established enterprises, as well as from fledgling startups who need counsel.

This counsel spans valuable consultancy on managing their technical blockchain audits, their deal structure, and not to mention developing custom investment platforms. Hence, some of these businesses need the assistance of CrowdfundX in assessing secondary security token exchanges.

Of course, it is common knowledge that many STOs find it hard to raise capital. Thus, it becomes clear that there is a sad paucity of firms to offer these vital services. Now, with STO advisory services coming on board, we expect that issuers will relish the platform to enter productive collaborations with reputable firms with more experience. In detail, such experience will include more insights as well as an understanding of security tokens and STOs.

Practical Experience of CrowdfundX

This firm boasts sufficient practical experience. It has remarkably managed some of the most successful Reg A+ IPOs and STOs in the industry. Having seen many projects succeed incredibly or fail miserably from the preparation invested in them, CrowdfundX critically understands the relevance of strategic planning.

In face of this, we see why CrowdfundX is now readily making available its STO strategic planning advisory services. This is so that issuers (both established and startups) can enjoy the unbelievable power of insightful planning when embarking on their STO endeavors. In addition to this, issuers can now engage Crowdfundx to offer them advisory service for at least three months. These valuable advisory services will help the issuer reduce its risk, source more capital, and will generally elevate its potential success.


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