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What Are The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps?

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What Are The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps?

While cryptocurrency trading isn’t as lucrative as it once was, there’s no denying the fact that crypto traders still make some profits from it. To date, the most common way of accessing the cryptocurrency market is via computers. However, nothing feels better than having access to the market anytime, anywhere, and even on the go. Indeed, this explains why exchanges are increasingly developing mobile cryptocurrency trading apps that run seamlessly on smartphones.

Why are Mobile Cryptocurrency Trading Apps Important?

Imagine a situation where you suddenly see an opportunity to make some quick cash on the cryptocurrency market. Unfortunately, you don’t have access to a computer. Before you say Jack Robinson, you have missed the your chance. We don’t need a sorcerer to tell us that you wouldn’t forgive yourself for it. Either way, you have missed it; there’s nothing you can do about it. To forestall that, exchanges now have crypto trading mobile apps. So, if you are a smartphone user, we will run down the 8 best crypto apps to help you maintain your A-game in the crypto sphere.

1. Coinbase

With over 10 million users around the world, Coinbase commands a significant percentage of the cryptocurrency market. Hence, this makes this app by far the most popular trading app on the market. Speaking of which, it offers everything you need in your ideal crypto trading app: buy, store, use and accept a bunch of digital currencies. These digital currencies include BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and others. It also offers you that rare opportunity to keep an eye on coins real-time. What’s more? You can also check your transaction history. Yes, you can do a lot with this app.

2. Binance

Which cryptocurrency app are you using if not the Binance app? Today, Binance is one of the leading crypto trading apps after having taken steps to transform its trading platform. Indeed, this app puts the entire crypto market in the palm of your hand. So, what would you rather do with it? With Binance, you sure can trade from any part of the world. Truly, the Binance app allows you to check your trade summaries and see your investment portfolio, executive trades, and open orders. With regard to traders who enjoy trading specific pairs, Binance allows you to save your favorites.

3. KuCoin Crypto Trading Mobile App

Also called the people’s exchange, the KuCoin Crypto Trading Mobile App is yet another amazing app that you should give a try. Indeed, KuCoin Crypto is so called because it aims to guide beginners in navigating the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, being a bosom buddy to newbies is a good idea, given that they often make mistakes while placing their first trades. In the end, they lose some money. To stop that, KuCoin Crypto provides the right information to guide beginners, making it their indispensable partner. The app merely charges users a 0.1% transaction fee, which they pay with its native cryptocurrency, KuCoin Shares (KCS). Also, KuCoin Crypto offers users a straightforward and easy way of trading.

4. Zerion’s CryptoTrader

Similarly, Zerion’s CryptoTrader is making waves among smartphone users. Sure, for being a lightweight app, CryptoTrader is simple and fast. Just like Coinbase, Zerion’s CryptoTrader has a trending tracker that enables you follow the market religiously. If your desire is to stay ahead of other traders, then this app is all you need. With this app, you can trade BTC, ETH, and BCH in a user-friendly manner. No doubt, Zerion’s CryptoTrader is one of our 8 best cryptocurrency apps for smartphone users.

5. Tab Trader Crypto Trading Mobile App

Indeed, if you are one those crypto traders who love to trade on countless crypto platforms, then you need to check out this crypto trading mobile app. Apart from being a zero-fee trading app, Tab Trader gives you access to 25 cryptocurrency exchanges at a go. Imagine having Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp and a host of others in one app. What else could possibly feel better than that? Tab Trader pulls all the trading statistics from these exchanges and drops them onto your mobile phone. Little wonder it has some four hundred thousand users around the world. It also features some helpful functions such as stop-loss and take-profit.

6. Coinigy Crypto Trading App

Well, another mobile trading app you would enjoy is Coinigy Crypto Trading App. So far, we have focused on crypto trading mobile apps for beginners. However, Coinigy is mainly suited to pro asset traders. To start with, it delivers market prices and comprehensive data in real time. Similar to Tab Trader, Coinigy gives you the opportunity to trade on up to 45 exchanges. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it gives you that chance to bring all your exchanges to one place. For this reason, many savvy and seasoned crypto traders would find this trading app very useful and engaging.

7. Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker

This app is best described as a complete package that suits all categories of crypto traders. In truth, the first thing that will capture your attention is the intuitive user-interface. With that, keeping tabs on trades and getting other relevant information comes with a pleasant experience. Guess what, Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker supports up to 1,000 cryptocurrencies! Interestingly enough, it has a section for cryptocurrency news, bringing you the latest news as it drops. This trading app also features advanced settings such as Face ID and Touch ID, introducing another layer of security to your precious account.

8. Crypto Trader Pro

Crypto Trader Pro is yet another crypto trading app that helps you keep abreast of cryptocurrencies that are ruling the roost. With its real-time data supply, you can cash in on chances that come your way and make some profits, too. Crypto Trader Pro also allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and many others. The mobile trading app is particularly unique as it gives you some tips for effective risk management.

Final words

We have just run down our 8 best cryptocurrency apps for smartphone users. In truth, it doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a pro trader; there is a crypto app for you here. However, one fact you must not lose sight of is that some of them come at a fee. For instance, you will have to pay $4.99 for Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker. If you were sitting on the fence until now, it’s time to take a pick. So, don’t miss another opportunity to potentially hit the jackpot. Just download the crypto trading mobile app of your choice now!


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