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CryptoCurve Announces Integration With Aion And ICON

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CryptoCurve integrates Aion and ICON.

CryptoCurve is on a mission to ensure that blockchain technology impacts people positively. To that end, the blockchain ecosystem is focusing on a better user experience. In this view, The company announces full integration with Aion and ICON to further the utility of the experience.

According to the press release, the blockchain ecosystem is ramping up integration with all members of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance (BIA). Already, CryptoCurve had an existing relationship with Wanchain. Therefore, the addition of Aion and ICON adds to the flexibility of CryptoCurve. Also, it increases scalability.

Full Integration with Aion and ICON Offers More Scalability

The release further reveals that interconnectedness with members of BIA is crucial to the utility of CryptoCurve users. In agreement with the statement, Joshua Halferty, CryptoCurve CEO, claims that interoperability is in their system. He further notes that the new partnership with Aion and ICON will add to the existing fruitful integration with Wanchain.

This new integration with Aion and ICON will open a lot of new doors for us in terms of scaling and expanding our ecosystem for our users,” Halferty adds.

The new integration is strategic since CryptoCurve is aiming to become the world’s leading blockchain tools provider. Particularly, the ecosystem is focusing on designers who seek to develop decentralized applications (dApps). The platform gives the best available front-end designer tools. Therefore, the added integration offers more scalability for optimum functioning of dApps created on the platform.

Our goal is to make it convenient for everyday people to interact with their digital assets regardless of the platform they are hosted on,” a CryptoCurve spokesperson said in a statement.

CryptoCurve Heads Towards Mass Blockchain Adoption

Particularly, the integration will help developers to build applications subject to the standards of the BIA. Interestingly, the new interconnectivity will avail the best of the industry’s tools, especially to developers using CurveSDK. Also, Curve Wallet users will easily access transactions on the new blockchain platforms.

Commenting on the developments, Matt Spoke, Founder of Aion Network said, “This move is also a way for Aion and ICON to bring new applications to their existing user base.

Moreover, he adds that with CryptoCurve’s full integration with Aion and ICON, mass blockchain adoption is on the horizon.

Jack Lu, Wanchain’s CEO and founder, shares the same sentiment. He reaffirms that CryptoCurve avails the crucial entry point onto the Wanchain ecosystem.

From the Internet world, we know how important front-end applications are for mass adoption, and the same thing is true for blockchain,” Lu adds.

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