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CyberMiles’ Travis MainNet Ready To Displace Ethereum

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CyberMiles' Travis MainNet Ready To Displace Ethereum

A public blockchain for eCommerce apps development, CyberMiles, has announced the release of its mainnet called Travis MainNet. Before its launch, CyberMiles had released Lity, its programming language, and CyberMiles’ Virtual Machine (CVM). Indeed, the launch of the mainnet has come to fruition following a year-long development effort. Recall that CyberMiles had a successful token offering in fall when it raised over 84,000 ETH. Apart from offering developers an opportunity to try out their programming dexterity, it will also compete against Ethereum. Indeed, Ethereum is the preeminent blockchain app development platform in the industry, empowering developers to do amazing things with decentralized apps (dApps) and smart contracts.

What Will CyberMiles Bring to the Industry?

Developers should expect a lot from the company. However, the most fundamental benefits the platform will bring include:

  • Smartness: CyberMiles’ smart contracts are custom-made in a way that it enables enterprise users to deploy their eCommerce businesses with ease. The truth is, the firm’s Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is Ethereum-compatible. In other words, current eCommerce companies on the Ethereum platform can transfer their smart contracts and decentralized apps without editing the code.
  • Security: When it comes to eCommerce businesses, security is everything. In that case, the platform guarantees user security by deploying “post-recovery” and “pre-defense” protection mechanisms.
  • Speed: Apart from smartness and security, the ecosystem is super fast. With the principle of optimal response to high demands of eCommerce transactions, CyberMiles reaches 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).
  • Free: Whereas transacting on some blockchains attracts fees, Travis MainNet waives the fees in most of its basic transactions.

First Real-world Use Case

While the industry is celebrating the launch of Travis MainNet, 5miles, a popular p2p marketplace, is about to make history. The reason is that the company has concluded all the arrangements to launch on the its platform. The US-based marketplace is bringing its $3B USD worth of annual transactions onto the blockchain. Additionally, 5miles is taking its 15 million existing users to enjoy all the goodies that CyberMiles delivers.

CyberMiles Architecture

CyberMiles uses smart contract modules to process and facilitate transactions, ensuring that users make the most of the platform. Also, its blockchain uses DPoS consensus algorithm. Let’s break that down; DPoS is a consensus mechanism that mandates 19 Supernodes or Validators to agree on how to reach a balance between system speed and decentralization. Already, the innovative firm has announced that there are qualified 26 Supernode hopefuls from around the world. However, given that the platform requires just 19 of them, the CyberMiles community will have to abort the dreams of excess 7 Validator aspirants by voting.

Risk Disclosure

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