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Cybersecurity As Envisioned By Huawei

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Cybersecurity needs a unified international front.

The Internet has greatly transmuted our world. Certainly, we are privy to the aggressive digital transformation we have enjoyed in this era. To emphasize, the Internet accommodated over 4 billion people in December last year! Isn’t this remarkable? However, it is quite unfortunate that even in the face of the gargantuan Internet growth, and how it has changed our lives, the Internet still suffers brain-busting headaches. The foremost of them is cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity and the Emerging Threat of Hacking

Cybersecurity has shown to be a very crucial concept in an over-encompassing digital era like ours. How safe is the Internet for us, our privacy, and even our money? To point out, hackers have proven to be a big thorn in the flesh of the Internet. Probing on mere speckles of vulnerabilities, hackers manage to burglarize computer systems, thus wrecking unbelievable damages and extolling massive theft of data. Millions have been lost to hacking. Just recently, hackers stole a gigantic $81M USD from the Bank of Bangladesh. In addition to this,  in the United States, Equifax suffered a breach that exposed the delicate information of over 140 million customers. These are disturbing developments indeed.

Nevertheless, the Internet wouldn’t be any safer if many nations pursue their own cybersecurity along national lines deploying different regulatory legislation. These divergent laws from different countries could clash causing a painful incoherence in the international cybersecurity apparatus. One country’s legislation can inadvertently become a safe haven for digital miscreants.

It is such an environment of conflicting legislation that hackers thrive on. Therefore, the world will see a huge leap if it can come together under one unified umbrella, to work toward an Internet that is more open, transparent and internationally bonded. Such global homogeneous approach to international cybersecurity is what Mika Lauhde dreams of.

Unified International Cybersecurity as Huawei Sees It

To note, Mika Lauhde is the Vice President of Cyber Security and Privacy, Global Public Affairs at Huawei Technologies. As a matter of fact, Lauhde envisages a global alliance where countries come together under one platform of intent, synergizing with key private and public stakeholders to collaboratively engender cybersecurity. Lauhde aired his vision in a key speech at Manama. According to Lauhde, for the world to successfully combat modern cybersecurity threats, it must come together to build new cyber regulations. Above all, cybersecurity threats are evolving and getting even more complicated. The world must become one house to provide the needed volume of technical capacity to contend with these threats.

Cybersecurity is becoming more crucial to the Middle East and Asia where 5G networks are set to be unleashed. While 5G networks would astonishingly transform the face of technology there, the authorities must show visionary anticipation in being ahead of such change. They will be able to accomplish this by setting a regulatory framework in place from the start.


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