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DentaVox Upgrades Create Actionable Survey Results

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DentaVox offers dentists powerful data-gathering tools.

After a month-long creative work and vast software optimization, the team at DentaVox, a blockchain-based market research website, is ready to announce an update. Essentially, the announcement will be on the key features that the new upgraded platform will offer.

With the mastery software development of Dentacoin Foundation, the revived survey platform offers exciting features. The platform will employ highly valuable and extensive survey results that could potentially transform global dental care. This time, respondents to questionnaires will get rewards for their participation in the process. Yes, the process is incentivized with Dentacoin (DCN), the first dental industry cryptocurrency.

Relaunching the DentaVox

Essentially, the aim of the DentaVox relaunch is to sync the user experience across Dentacoin software tools. In her assessment, DentaVox Project Manager, Daria Kerancheva, explained further. The Project Manager disclosed that the objective of redesigning DentaVox was to revive the market research platform. Kerancheva noted that the revival will make dental health surveys “more entertaining and enjoyable for users.” She added that they have struck a balance between incentivized leisure time occupation and socially useful commitment.

According to the Dentacoin Foundation, DentaVox is growing in popularity. Statistically, it stated that for answering nearly 14.4 million questions, about 33,671 registered users have already earned 279,445,554 DCN. However, what will the new DentaVox 2.0 bring to the table?

Easily Accessible Survey Statistics

Conveniently, Dentacoin’s market research platform now allows both registered and unregistered users to access a pool of survey results on dental topics. With a set of user-friendly graphics, users can access the survey results. Also, its provides more accurate survey results using demographic breakdowns. In addition to that, dentists can use the results to improve the services they render.

New Surveys Come with Higher Rewards

By taking surveys of over one hundred questions, users can now earn a significant amount of tokens. Besides, the development team has improved the system by introducing new consistency protection rules. In fact, these rules will ensure that respondents remain focused and do not randomly click on the answers.

Improved Profile Section

Moreover, the Dentacoin platform now has separated logins and a new set of features. Fundamentally, the profile section has undergone a total redesign for better overview and control over Dentacoin transactions and tools. Additionally, regular users can earn some DCN, as well as send invites to their friends, family, and colleagues to join the platform.

Enhanced User Verification

Most importantly, in a bid to prevent fake profiles and obtain the desired survey results, DentaVox has introduced a verification measure. All new and existing Dentacoin users can now sign in through their Facebook accounts. Alternatively, they can sign in using the blockchain-based identity platform, Civic. In the end, all of the measures will enhance user verification.

Risk Disclosure

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