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Drivechain Is The Next-Gen Cross-Chain Mechanism

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Drivechain drives two sidechains.

Ever since Paul Sztorc launched Drivechain on September 24th, the sidechain has experienced a tremendous development. Undeniably, many talented developers from around the world are bringing their ideas to make its objectives a reality. Before going any further, it is important to bring the Drivechain into context.

Understanding Drivechain

In short, Drivechain is a sidechain concept that was designed to expedite validation of transactions among miners on a blockchain. Accordingly, it uses proxies to facilitate cross-chain transaction validation between miners in the network.

In his explanation, Paul Sztorc told interviewers that Drivechain has two sidechains: boring and competitive. While the boring chain is for testing purposes, the competitive chain is for function and competing with Bitcoin Cash (BCH.

Unexpectedly, Sztorc’s sidechain expanded in one month because lots of talented developers were chipping in their ideas. Speaking of these contributors, a notable one among them is Andreas Brekken, who is famous for being the controller of the largest Lightning Network node. Brekken developed a new toolkit for Drivechain which has many different programs.

Toolkit Programs

The most important programs of the toolkit include:

  • Faucet: This has the function of distributing the Drivenet coins, which empowers the users to test its platform.
  • Transaction Replayer: Also called Driveby, Transaction Replayer replays Bitcoin transactions on the main chain.
  • At just 1% fee, processes the mechanism that converts Drivenet coins to its mainnet coins in a matter of seconds.
  • Auto-installer: This automatically installs the Drivechain and other components on the Linux OS. This is specifically for Linux OS because its installation is fast and simple on other operating systems.

Drivechain and its Merits

Looking at its origin, the concept of the sidechain emanated from the Liquid sidechain to facilitate consensus validation among miners. However, Drivechain uses an escrow framework that is miner protocol-based, unlike Liquid sidechain that depends on a federation of participants.

Sztorc has become a strong advocate of this consensus validation and has even accused Liquid sidechain of allowing cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, and a small group of developers to centralize (hijack) it. He also claims that Drivechain effectively tackles the issue of consensus mechanism. In particular, he claims that the new sidechain will aid users to increase block sizes and guarantee security.


Sztorc has appreciated all the contributors to the project. He expressed confidence that the zeal with which they committed to the project would lead to the quick launch of the entire sidechain and massive improvement on its features. Indeed, in just one month, Drivechain sidechain seems to be doing a lot. In all, some credit must go to Paul Sztorc and his team for working assiduously against the clock. At the current pace, the comprehensive version should launch sooner than expected.

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