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Elepig Platform Will Help Small Investors Trade in Digital Currencies

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Digital Currencies

Several entrepreneurs created a platform which will enable people to trade in digital currencies like Bitcoin. This new platform aims to ensure all people, even those lacking crypto trade knowledge, can buy and sell digital currencies.

At the moment, there are more than 2,000 digital currencies, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular. Even though the crypto market is volatile and not very stable, the market has grown massively. A good example is Bitcoin. Once worth $1 USD in 2011, it’s now worth roughly $6,700 USD.

Elepig: A Platform For The Everyman

The Elepig platform is the creation of Carl Selby and Mark William of Bournemouth, England. According to Selby, “The reason we want to speed up the level of understanding cryptocurrencies is that in 10 years’ time everyone will be using them. Cryptocurrencies are complicated and hard to use for some willing investors and that’s the reason we are creating a platform which is secure, safe, trustworthy and simple to use.”

Elepig is a combination of two words ‘Elephant’ and ‘pig’. This is a new generation exchange built with the user in mind. It is very useful for the new cyber-savvy generation where online transactions are becoming more popular than traditional ones.

Selby added that, “The market we are venturing in is a very volatile one and many people buy or sell according to the performance of the market. This trend is also incorporated in the Elepig’s platform and investors can see trends which will enable them to decide whether to buy or sell. Our platform will enable people to make outright decisions right away from the palm of their hand. Our main aim is to make Elepig the market leader by offering convenience to crypto investors as cryptocurrencies continue to become popular.”

The growth of cryptocurrencies is leading to some heated debates. Some people see the market as the future of money, while others see the market as a bubble. Many financial institutions have banned cryptocurrency transactions because of instances of money laundering and other criminal activities. A good example is Lloyd Banking Group which banned its customers from making crypto transactions using their credit card. However, banks like Barclays are opting to set up a crypto trading desk. The crypto debate will rage on for a long time.

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