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Ethos Users To Enjoy Voyager’s Fiat Gateway

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Ethos and Voyager partnership

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing fast improvements as firms engage in joint ventures. In the latest development, Ethos announced a new partnership with Voyager which will enable Ethos users enjoy Voyager’s Fiat Gateway.

In the partnership, Voyager will provide a means for Universal Wallet users to convert digital currency into fiat. As a result, Ethos users will enjoy best execution trading when transacting between cryptocurrency and fiat.

Ethos Clients to Experience Best-in-Class Services with Voyager’s Fiat Gateway

On the other hand, the retail and institutional platforms on Voyager will experience enhanced self custody and wallet solutions. Using the Universal Wallet solutions, users on Voyager will experience top-notch services courtesy of the blockchain network.

Furthermore, as part of the agreement, Ethos CEO, Shingo Lavine will join the Voyager Advisory Board. According to the news release, Lavine will oversee the process of integration of the partnership. In addition, he will discharge his input towards supporting the development process.

Commenting on the development, Lavine said,

“This partnership creates a true bridge between traditional and institutional finance within the crypto-asset market to create a dynamic and borderless financial ecosystem.”

Also, the companies expect the partnership to spawn additional features and solutions. “Basically, this is a long term partnership that is goal driven,” says Lavine. However, the principal objective right now is to ensure a seamless integration of the Universal Wallet and Ethos Bedrock.

Low Fees, Higher Returns

Furthermore, Ethos expects the partnership to generate higher liquidity and commission-free trading. In addition, Voyager’s fiat gateway will enable the clients to transact with low fees, hence higher returns.

Voyager, on the other hand is looking for the opportunity to expose its users to a wider range of solutions. In fact, the company launched a new service recently that will bring more exposure to investors on its platform. Interestingly, with the partnership, the investors on the Voyager platform will access more crypto assets via its over-the-counter trading desk.

Headed by Stephen Ehrlich, Voyager is looking to compete with established market players like Coinbase and Circle. Speaking on the events, Ehrlich said,

“With this transformative partnership in place, we believe we are offering the first end to end, fully integrated solution in the crypto asset space.”

Further, the CEO believes that the partnership will give Voyager the opportunity to enhance the experience of its clients. According to Ehrlich, Ethos is the perfect partner who can complement the company. Eventually, the CEO hopes the partnership will strengthen the company’s offerings and goal of operating a unique platform.


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