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FogChain Patent Secured Data Access Control

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FogChain announces patent for a secure data control.

FogChain Corp. is a futuristic, highly reputable company offering solutions to software development, testing, and deployment. The company is gratified to announce its most recent decision regarding filing for a new patent. The patent covers secured data access control utilizing localized cryptographic innovation.

Technological advancements in the blockchain industry have empowered secure distribution of digital information using cryptographic techniques. Consequently, secure and quick transactions, including other data adjustments, can take place in a more dynamic and economical manner. In particular, its decentralization endeavors may bring about absolute transparency and immutability of the data.

The patent’s underlying technology covers localized network typologies that are able to grant access control and data management capabilities. The technology can additionally provide particular network architecture models that accommodate and empower such functionalities.

CEO’s Comments

Mr. James Cerna, the CEO of FogChain Corp, said, “The underlying functionality and security of RadJavs rapid application development platform is deeply intertwined with its unique network architecture and revolutionary Proof of Competition consensus methodology. In order to protect the integrity and sustainability of this technology, we felt that filing this provisional patent was important and also serves as a major step for FogChain in establishing its position in the marketplace and creating an enterprise-grade solution.

Localized secure data access control has significant implications on secured time-sensitive data in the Fog for uses such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Autonomous Vehicles (both automobiles and drones), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. We are very thankful and appreciative of the hard work and creativity of RadJavs, the founder and creator of this patent, and Nathanael Coonrod for this incredible piece of work. Knobbe Martens was the patent counsel for the filing of this patent on behalf of the company,” Mr. Cerna further mentioned.

About the Organization (FogChain Corp.)

FogChain is a fully consolidated provider of end-to-end SDLC and quality assurance solutions. The system’s underlying technology has implemented a decentralized Fog (edge network) and high-performance application development platform. As such, it offers futuristic application development at scale with significantly improved speed, adaptability, and at a reduced cost. Considering the recent inordinate demand for more edge computing & security within the IoT, self-driven vehicle space, Micro-Service, and mobile data, FogChain’s ‘Build-Once Deploy-Everywhere’ software architecture empowers developers to develop and deploy startling applications in an environment that is unified. To accomplish this, the architecture offers developers a collection of robust tools and resources. Most noteworthy, these tools and resources are compatible with all major devices and operating systems.


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