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FunkeyPay Integrates Commerce With Social Media

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FunkeyPay linking social media to internet's shopping malls.

Without question, the Internet is disrupting the way we live our lives. Similarly, it underlies the way we shop. In fact, when you try to list the prevalent Internet displacement, it more or less equates to digital shopping malls. FunkeyPay sees an opportunity here that not many are willing to jump in.

Internet shopping malls have grown beyond all predictions, constituting an industry on its own. Similarly, social media users are going beyond chat and email. Therefore, there are renewed attempts to link transactions to Social Network Services (SNS), directly. However, a big challenge has hampered that move.

FunkeyPay Brings A New Dawn

While the challenge persists, venture company FunkeyPay firmly believes that there’s a glimmer of hope. Indeed, it is committed to linking SNS with commerce.

Guess what! FunkeyPay walks the talk, as this move is drawing global attention. The platform is a model that connects peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing to payments. It is first of its kind. There are over 3 billion SNS users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The novel platform provides such services to its customers through peer-to-peer marketing. On their end, ticketing tool developer TicketSocket will build the P2P marketing tool itself.

Tokens Payment Is Accepted

Truly, TicketSocket develops P2P marketing tools that are not only efficient but are also cost-effective. So, consumers can purchase these products using the FunkeyPay coin (FNK). TicketSocket has deployed some of the world’s best tamper-proof securities in its API technology. Furthermore, it’s also used for P2P, blockchain technology, and financial technology (fintech). The union of these technologies offers unique payment services and differentiated marketing.

Officials Give More Insight

The VP of the Global Blockchain Research Application Foundation (GBRAF), Watler Tonetto, gives more insight. From the view of API, FunkeyPay has a unique API with TicketSocket, Korea. It really gives access to lots of applications and allows users to buy things, he says. Tonetto, who’s a blockchain expert, noted that the blockchain of FunkeyPay and API of TicketSocket are “very special.”

In his comment, the director of healthcare consulting firm DAO Consulting, David DH Kim, says that FunkeyPay is a good product. He quipped that this platform is an example of an ICO model that needs no new market.

Similarly, the chief executive of FunkeyPay, Jung Jong Ki explains further. He says that SNS is already full in swing, but it’s in an early stage as a commercial transaction market. He added that the SNS market has huge potential and that, in the near future, it will grow rapidly. Finally, Dr. Jung tipped Facebook to be the first to lead the new market.


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