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GEON Network App Bets On Gamification

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GEON Network bets on augmented reality, geolocation, and gamification.

Gamification is a new term that is gaining prominence within the technology and marketing space. Primarily, gamification involves using gaming mechanics for non-game applications, as this article on Chipin explains. GEON Network joins the trend as it rolls out a blockchain app that integrates gamification in order to engage users.

In a recent announcement, Geon Network Limited said it was launching the blockchain app that uses Augmented Reality (AR). In particular, the two will come together to comprise a groundbreaking experience that will expand the frontiers of many industries.

A Blockchain App Combines Geolocation with AR

As the announcement details, the GEON app can be described as follows:  “is a mix of location, AR, and cryptocurrency on a blockchain-powered platform that opens up a world of possibility for gaming, charity, retail, and many other industries.

Interestingly, the new release will allow anyone with a smartphone to create Geons. A Geon is an AR beacon which users can customize as desired. In particular, the mobile phone app will enable users to create a Geon which will contain a digital coin called Geon coins.

However, the 1.0.0 release will not have redeemable coins. Robert Radek, CEO of GEON Network, clarifies that future versions of the app will contain digital coins with utility. Users will also be able to convert them into other cryptocoins or fiat currency.

Further, the app will enable users to create a second Geon called a “Secret Message” Geon. Interestingly, this kind of Geon can take any shape the user might wish. In addition, users can utilize the Secret Message feature to hold discount codes. This makes it an important tool for retailers to use for marketing. Gamification of the marketing process will ensure that many customers sign up to the products.

Reservations about Geon

To top it off, the Secret Message feature can hold confidential messages that users can share pleasurably among themselves. This is more or less akin to the legendary Pokemon Go game.

The blockchain app will also facilitate the transfer and storage of value in a very secure way. Basically, this is the fundamental nature of a blockchain network. It allows for peer-to-peer transactions over a heavily encrypted platform. Therefore, users will only need their smartphone to take advantage of the solution. “The unique combination of AR and location, with the added tool of secure value transfer, means the applications are endless,” Radek explains.

However, some users already have reservations about the feasibility of the gamification concept. A report on PaymentWeek observes that “If the coins don’t have much value, it’s a safe bet that no one’s going to care much either way.

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