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Golem Unlimited Will Offer Exciting Opportunities

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Golem Unlimited has much to offer.

The first incarnation of Golem Unlimited is here as a decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. Its main purpose is to create a decentralized sharing economy for computing power and software supplies.

Golem Unlimited Structure

The product is ideal for organizations that would like to put idle computing infrastructure to good use. It also acts as an open platform for application deployment in trusted infrastructures. Golem Unlimited comes with two roles: the hub which serves as the requestor and the provider for sharing resources.

The provider acts as a computer on which tasks on the Golem Unlimited network take place. Such computers provide computing resources for the network. The hub, on the other hand, acts as a supervisor, tasked with the responsibility of managing the providers.

Acting as a heterogeneous network, Golem consists of a variety of machines including desktops, laptops, and GPU servers. The design structure is essential as it allows for easy creation of homogenous sub-networks.

Golem Unlimited’s main goal is to broaden the Golem network’s reach. The project backers also intend to provide a seamless experience when it comes to using new integrations. The open nature of the platform means it is compatible with almost all popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, and MacOS. For this reason, developers and application integrators can access the platform regardless of the device of choice.

Based on the trusted environment, Golem Unlimited is part of the broader Golem ecosystem.

For this reason, it will support all Golem use cases which includes making it easy for people to mine cryptocurrencies. The platform is also open to companies with idle machines after working hours, as well as teams sharing machines.

Golem Unlimited Functions

Golem’s ultimate goal is to make it easy for people to come up with applications on the platform. Its SDK comes with an API, comprehensive docs, as well as tools and tutorials. While the core code is in Rust, developers will still be able to use other programming languages.

The fact that Golem Unlimited utilizes a plugin system means every integration will need a plugin and binary packages.

According to Piotr Chromiec and Piotrek “Viggith” JaniukPlugins can be dynamically loaded into- and removed from the GPU-hub application by the maintainer. Binary packages are downloaded, unpacked and executed on selected provider nodes when the maintainer runs a session with the appropriate plugin.

Golem Unlimited code base should be up and running in a few weeks as the developers continue to integrate additional use cases.

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