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Google Currency Converter Lists Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Two Others

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Google Currency Converter

Anyone who accuses Google, the biggest search engine on the Internet, of having a finger in every pie is not entirely wrong. Indeed, it seems to be doing almost everything lately, thus keeping its platform super important on the Internet. While Google’s currency converter may sound new to many investors out there, the fact of the matter is that the web tool has been in existence for a while now. So, in a bid to expand its cryptocurrency business horizons, the web tool has incorporated three new cryptocurrencies.

Google Cryptocurrency Converter Is Getting Bigger

The cryptocurrencies added to the web tool include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). This means that by just going on to Google website, crypto enthusiasts can convert from the recently added virtual currencies to fiat currencies of their choice, especially the US dollars. With this move, Google continues to be a one-stop shop for all web-based solutions, thus giving its platform’s users a reason not to notice other platforms.

In recent times, Google has branched out to diverse fields, proving to be an indispensable web tool for everyday activity. As a consequence, Google has maintained its position as the most visited website on the Internet for donkey’s years, according to Alexa rankings.

What This Means To Cryptocurrency Traders

By expanding its scope, more cryptocurrency traders will now bank on Google as the most dependable online tool for converting from digital currency to fiat currency. Indeed, many people have come to trust Google for effective decision-making. This latest addition brings it closer to the hearts of all Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum traders and investors worldwide. Yes, these people can effortlessly check and find out the exchange rates of these cryptocurrencies online, on the go.

How It Works

A Google user can input the cryptocurrency amount they wish to “translate.” In a split-second, the user gets a response. It will display the instantaneous exchange rate of the cryptocurrency to the fiat currency of choice. While the user of BCH and LTC effortlessly search their fiat currency equivalent, doing so for Ethereum will require the user to include “currency converter” for now.

For instance, if users type Bitcoin Cash into “search” and sends it, the SERP returns the USD equivalents of BCH. But for Ether, the user will have to select Ether from a dropdown menu that automatically pops up.

Critics are nonetheless worried that Google knows just a little too much about our personal lives. They believe it is always developing engaging tools to pry deeper into them (our personal lives).


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