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GRAFT Achieves First Instant Payment

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GRAFT uses new tech to make blockchain trade easier.

If the flavor of our world is innovation, then our world will remain eternally sweet. We are never running out of innovations! Remarkably, creative minds are always pushing the limits of invention by always bringing out something new. Talking about the new, GRAFT is unveiling its fully-decentralized, multi-currency payment processing network. Of course, this is a huge milestone achievement on its part considering that this pivotal technology is recording end-to-end transactions at such a blinding speed of fewer than 2 seconds on the GRAFT Network alphanet! Can you beat that?

This anomalous breakthrough, so to say, will reshape the world of digital payments. In view of this development, cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) will now effectively find use at the point of sale. This will be via prevailing smart payment terminals. Certainly, this achievement is just another medal among the vast glittering collections of GRAFT’s achievements. GRAFT has been a technology leader for quite a while now.

GRAFT, fully represented as Global Real-time Authorizations and Funds Transfers, is one of the foremost universal payment blockchains on the block. Essentially, GRAFT streamlines its services by offering global merchants a very reliable connection to cryptocurrency users. This bridge links merchants to users of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR). Moreover, it works with a contemporary point of sale terminals. Therefore, this creates a Real-Time Authorization (RTA) system which works in the resemblance of a credit card in order to efficiently conduct transactions for digital assets.

Really a Huge Breakthrough for GRAFT

This system is made possible via the GRAFT Network. In particular, this is a payment network (open source) for digital transactions. Here, buyers can choose a digital asset to pay while the merchant gets such payment in their chosen currency. Such chosen currencies can even be fiat tender like Euros, US dollars, Australian dollars as well as cryptocurrencies. The GRAFT network is magnificent in saving cost in comparison to our conventional credit/debit card transactions.

According to GRAFT Co-creator, Slava Gomzin, who also doubles as the author of Hacking Point of Sale,

“We are excited to announce that RTA transactions are now working end-to-end for the entire sale workflow. “The system is stable with it taking just a couple of seconds to get approval on both wallet and the point of sale as expected. This is a huge milestone, not just for our alpha test, but it represents a key breakthrough making virtually any digital asset useful at the point of sale by solving the key challenges of transaction speed, fees, and volatility.

GRAFT is well on track to build the first truly decentralized payment network in this remarkable RTA milestone achievement.


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