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Diabetes Epidemic Becomes A Prime Target For HashCash

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HashCash uses blockchain data management to improve diabetes treatment.

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving industry that is always open to new-fangled technologies. The nature of this industry and diabetes treatment requires constant changes and evolution.

Consequently, the relationship between blockchain technology and the healthcare industry is a match made in heaven.


HashCash is not your regular cryptocurrency. It is different from most other blockchain based currencies. HashCash is actually a digital cash system that operates on blind signatures.

Blind signatures first became relevant in the year 1982 by an American scientist, David Lee Chaum.

HashCash’s Sweet Relief for Diabetes

HashCash recently announced plans for a blockchain-related platform that’ll focus on diabetes patients worldwide.

Moreover, HashCash aims to use this platform to manage the medical history of people currently suffering from diabetes. Blockchain-based platforms can theoretically improve the management of data for medical patients in general.

HashCash aims to use this platform to assist medical practitioners in achieving quantifiable results in the medical science field by aiding the treatment and care of diabetes patients through blockchain technology.

The Reason for HashCash’s Sweet Relief

While commenting on the platform, Raj Chowdhury, a Managing Director at HashCash had the following to say regarding its application to chronic conditions like diabetes,

The medical industry is very haphazard in keeping records in the central database of millions of patients. Blockchain offers a decentralized and immutable data storage system which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world… This will help on-the-spot diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition and will facilitate prompt treatment without wasting precious time.

Furthermore, HashCash aims to use this blockchain technology to assist in patient record-keeping and treatment.

Integration of Blockchain in Medical Science

A reasonable number of diabetes research facilities, hospitals, and medical facilities have begun preparing the necessary resources needed in order to integrate blockchain technology into their day-to-day medical processes.

The Future of Blockchain in Medical Science

Blockchain technology has a lot of potential in the medical field. A very good example of the current implementation of blockchain in medicine is the management of patient data on a decentralized platform, usually via multi-signature smart contracts. Diabetes is an exceedingly expensive condition to treat over long periods of time, so blockchain data management can significantly decrease its cost.

In conclusion, the storage of data on a decentralized platform has a few advantages. They include; the fact that such data is theoretically impossible to tamper with and easily available to users from anywhere in the world.


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