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Healthcare Revolution To Seduce Big Players

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Healthcare Revolution to educate industry executives and investors.

Healthcare Revolution is the top event for corporate executives and healthcare insurance providers. Accordingly, the organizers announced the launch of a blockchain-oriented healthcare event targeting a select few. The summit organizers are looking to bring into the fold executives of self-funded healthcare plans, big players, and insurers.

These organizers are Global Healthcare Resources, in partnership with Medical Tourism Association, and the Corporate Health and Wellness Association. The summit will kick off from October 28-30th, 2018, at the Orlando County Convention Center.

What is Healthcare Revolution about?

The summit is the perfect place to unleash the concept of blockchain to the entire health ecosystem, says an organizer. Indeed, Healthcare Revolution is all about deploying innovative blockchain technology to disrupt the health and insurance sectors. Healthcare Revolution is on the forefront of bringing together pioneers, change agents, and the world’s leaders of thought under one roof.

The aim of bringing them together is to brainstorm and fashion out modalities on issues that affect the industry. So, this year’s event is focused on deploying blockchain in healthcare. As the organizers put it, the event has the goal of serving “unplugged” innovation and new ideas.

Organizers Give More Insight

The co-founder and CEO of Global Health Resources, Renée-Marie Stephano, emphasizes the importance of blockchain technology. She said that blockchain solutions will change people’s understanding of methods of delivering healthcare benefits. The CEO stated that they are targeting health insurance, corporate wellness, medical tourism, and healthcare blockchain projects. She also pointed out these projects will serve as pilot cases with the clients.

“The health system has been shattered,” says Jonathan Edelheit, Global Health Resources’ co-founder and chairman. He stated that the industry has all it takes to change. However, it needs something that will shake and turn it, he added.

More Details on the Event

In the Healthcare Blockchain Summit, health blockchain startups will meet with top management of many different companies. They will aim at convincing the executives to adopt technology solutions that will improve their companies’ bottom line. No doubt, healthcare blockchain companies can also use the networking software.

Sure, the networking software identifies prospective partners, pilots, and investors. Afterward, they will organize meetings for social networking. As an integral part of Healthcare Revolution, the summit will cover the latest development in blockchain industry.

The summit will cover topics such as supply chain in healthcare, medical records, transparency, and pharma. Other topics include using blockchain to provide solutions in those fields, along with claims, interoperability, cost efficiency, security, and also privacy.


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