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Hyperledger And EEA Trail-Blazing Standardization

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Hyperledger And EEA Trail-Blazing Standardization

The international standard organization which focuses on the global adoption of Ethereum blockchain, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), has gone into partnership with Hyperledger. Looking at its background, the firm is a Linux Foundation unit saddled with the task of advancing cross-platform interaction. The joint announcement came Monday, stating that they have become “associate members” of the two organizations. To be sure, this collaboration means that the two organizations will work in unison to speed up mass adoption of blockchain technologies through standardization. Both EEA and Hyperledger have hundreds of member companies that cut across all the sectors from every part of the world.

What The Hyperledger Partnership Means

In 2017, the company started implementing an Apache-licensed EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) bytecode interpreter called Hyperledger Burrow project. Also, in early 2018, Hyperledger Sawtooth added the much-needed support to transaction processor EVM. This led to the integration of Ethereum Mainnet-developed smarts contracts onto the Sawtooth-based network. Hyperledger tagged this project Seth, and it is in active use now. That’s not all; the team also looks forward to submitting Seth to EEA for conformance testing. Noteworthy is the fact that Hyperledger Fabric now hosts EVM.

A Collaboration Worthy of Mention

In addition to that, Hyperledger and EEA have teamed up with EEA’s Special Interest Group. Also called Trusted Execution Environment, this is a model for the implementation of proposed standards called “Private Data Objects.” The project is ongoing, featuring a team of specialists that develop it in the Hyperledger Labs. It represents a typical example of a software development project which combines community-based standards and implementation of open-source resources. In other words, this project has seen many tech gurus collaborate to make it a reality. Furthermore, the project is similar to IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and Apache, working on the internet’s transfer protocol HTTP. To make it even clearer, the project is like web browser development firm Mozilla working with scripting language ECMA on JavaScript, a scripting language developed for web programming.

Objectives and Benefits

Every partnership must have clear objectives and benefits. Likewise, this partnership is no exception to the well-known fact. That said, this mutually beneficial relationship will encourage Ethereum app developers to weigh the option of submitting their enterprise-focused projects to Hyperledger. Afterward, its developers will consider taking important interfaces to EEA working groups for standardization. More importantly, by the third quarter of 2019, EEA will launch its certification testing program. Therefore, the Hyperledger developers will write codes that will conform to EEA specification, thus meeting the alliance’s requirements for certification.


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