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INS Ecosystem (INS) Q4 Outlook Positive Despite Pull Back

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INS Ecosystem (INS) Q4 Outlook Positive Despite Pull Back

INS Ecosystem (INS) is not your typical cryptocurrency. Two major cryptocurrency exchanges have already added support for the altcoin even though it has a market cap of less than $10 million USD. OKEx and Binance are the two exchanges that seem to have full confidence about the altcoin’s long-term prospect.

INS Ecosystem (INS) Value and Prospect

The cryptocurrency has, however, felt the full force of short sellers in recent months. Since the start of the year, the coin has lost more than 80% in market value. It is currently trading at the $0.395 USD mark, a mere shadow of its all-time high of $10 USD at the start of the year.

However, integration into some of the biggest exchanges is a development that could work to the coin’s advantage. The underlying team behind the coin, as well as Q4 roadmap, are other factors that could work to the coins advantage. That said, Q4 could be a pivotal quarter for INS should sentiments in the larger cryptocurrency space improve.

Easing short-selling pressure could see the altcoin climbing high, given that it has a lot of room to run to on the upside. In addition, the coin continues to elicit strong interest in the market in part because of its underlying support team.

Professionals from Goldman Sachs, as well as Harvard school and IBM, have already shown a keen interest in the coin. Premier partners such as Ambrosus, Civic, Bancor, and Blockchain Venture have also shown interest in the project.

INS Commerce Platform

The keen interest stems from the fact that INS has positioned itself as a go-to platform for commerce. INS essentially acts as a decentralized global platform where consumer goods manufacturers reach out to consumers. Reaching out directly to consumers allows the manufacturers to bypass offline and online retailers to enjoy improved margins.

The consumer goods platform seeks to streamline the process by which manufacturers reach out to their target audience. Direct contact between manufacturers and consumers also ensures the authenticity and quality of products each time.

Getting rid of intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers should result in cheaper goods. Removing the middlemen is a development that should lead to greater efficiency when it comes to groceries delivery. That said, INS platform should be able to generate significant value going forward.

Being a key player in the multi-billion grocery business is a feat that should help strengthen INS sentiments in the cryptocurrency space. The team behind the coin is planning to unveil a platform for consumers and manufacturers that would bring utility to the INS coin. Legitimizing the INS platform is the team’s long-term play.

Therefore, INS is a blockchain project that has identified a niche market with great prospects. The rollout of a utility platform is a development that should strengthen the altcoin’s use case and sentiments going forward.

After the recent pull back from record highs, the token looks set to bounce back as the broader industry bottoms out. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts taking note of long-term growth prospects could see INS spike higher heading into the new year.


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