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IOTA Dazzles With World’s First Smart Charger Station

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IOTA launches new smart charger.

Have we reached the zenith of innovation? Never! More breakthroughs are coming that will stun us even more. Well, IOTA is stunning us now with the world’s first smart charging station. This pace-setting smart charger will have the capacity to conduct payment and charge via IOTA.

IOTA And Its Appetite For Innovation

IOTA is notorious for its knack to always bring a new spice to the table – always breaking new grounds in blockchain developments. Just some time ago, IOTA (MIOTA) marveled us when it got listed on Upbit. This was when it launched its IOTA hub aimed at simplifying exchange integration, flavoring the process with increased convenience. While we are yet to recover from that, here is IOTA with its innovative smart charging station. eToro has also added MIOTA to its ever-increasing list of digital assets.

The charging station, released by ElaadNL, enables users to make payments and charge via IOTA in a machine-to-machine mode. This charging operates independently. Thus, it doesn’t need a backup or a communication protocol for it to work. In addition to this, every 15 minutes, the meter value saves in the tangle. This technique offers great promise in the coming age. According to ElaadNL, this “might be a perfect fit for the connected future and the fully digitalized world.” Now, how does the charger work?

The Smart Charger Proper

The charger is stocked with a hardware that sets up a TCP/IP connection with the vehicle. In the case where the cars don’t possess the requisite technology, in either the form of the needed software or hardware, they would still charge their cars by sending MIOTA tokens straight to the charger via means of the standard IOTA wallet.

According to Alisa Maas, Head of Mobility at the IOTA Foundation, and is excited about the development, “Thanks to ElaadNL’s cutting-edge innovation, seamless e-mobility is taking one big leap forward and we look forward to sharing this achievement with the rest of our growing ecosystem, at the crossroads of mobility, energy, and smart cities sectors.”

Will that be all? Of course not! IOTA still has more for you in its cupboard of gadgets.

More from IOTA

An IOTA training course is now available on Pluralsight. Pluralsight is globally lauded as one of the leading tech learning platforms. This training course covers IOTA fundamentals, which is a beginner level course that introduces you to IOTA. There is also, Tangle, that allows one to learn the basics of IOTA, as well as how to make use of the IOTA APIs in order to create your own applications.


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