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ISBG-Bengala And Airtab Provide Help Locating Drinking Establishments

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ISBG-Bengala And Airtab Provide Help Locating Drinking Establishments

International Spirits and Beverage Group (ISBG) is a leading brand in wine and spirits market. The Ccmpany has announced that its blockchain-based arm called ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project has reached a deal with Airtab, an app that helps users to locate trending drinking establishments including restaurants, clubs, and other fun spots.

ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project’s Scope Will Increase

The agreement provides for the expansion of the ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project. So far, the project has focused on streamlining all the logistics required in alcoholic beverage productions and distributions. However, with Airtab coming aboard, the spectrum of services the project offers customers will expand. Truly, the project will offer an end-to-end customer solution that focuses on unparalleled reach and customer engagement. Well, that’s not all. The project will interact with the beer, spirits, and wine end-market consumer through experiences, marketing, and events.

ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project

The ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project is a blockchain-based fintech firm repping the strategic partnership between ISBG and Bengala Technologies LLC. Bengala is a development company that provides custom-made tech solutions with a focus on distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. In truth, nobody expects anything less from a union between the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology. Yes, that’s the amazing technology the platform brings to its users’ devices.

The result of that cutting-edge technology is a holistic product management solution for the beverage industry. The project is evolving as the developers are taking its services even farther. Indeed, they are creating a single decentralized system with all the necessary features integrated into streamlined steps for many users. From farmer to countertop or bartop, they are all considered in the ISBG-Bengala Blockchain Project.

The Airtab CEO Speaks

Dennis Cunningham, the founder and CEO of Airtab, stated that Airtab users treat themselves to a flight of craft cocktail. He added that such cocktails are specially mixed, given that expert mixologists often prepare them.

Cunningham noted that it is always the case at night when these customers are getting patronage reward or exploring a restaurant. He stated that their app guides users to locate spots for nice experiences, noting that the proprietary version called Here-Now-Live is a win-win. Also, the CEO pointed out that their app offers a social network that allows users to experience “social drinking” excitement.

Speaking further, the chief executive said that the app increases the visibility of participating places and locations. In conclusion, he noted that the restaurants and brands are thrilled with the ISBG-Bengala network’s “behavioral analytics” and “raw insights.”


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