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JOYSO Hybrid Platform Applies TRON Expertise

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JOYSO Hybrid Exchange Applies TRON Expertise

JOYSO is the world’s first decentralized hybrid exchange. Not standing still, JOYSO has announced its move to incorporate the TRON (TRX) Network. The reason: to achieve a more maintainable decentralized blockchain setting.

The marriage of the two platforms will be to the benefit of the cryptocurrency community as a whole. Indeed, the global cryptocurrency community will now have access to optimized cryptocurrency services. In addition, JOYSO, a hybrid decentralized trading platform, see’s TRON blockchain as an ideal partner to create an spectacular decentralized exchange (DEX).

The Importance of the Strategic Partnership

Notably, the collaboration will also lead to a setup of entirely decentralized applications (dApps) on the TRON network. What this means is that the partnership will deliver to the blockchain market a platform that is more sustainable.

TRON Founder, Justin Sun, took to his Twitter account to share the good news. In a Wednesday tweet, Sun broke the news, noting that “JOYSO is heading to TRON soon!

A brainchild of Tom Soong, JOYSO is a decentralized hybrid trading platform for virtual currency that has the capacity to reduce hacking risks. Launched in May 2018, JOYSO enables users to perform on-chain transactions and also executes off-chain matching for trading.

Other Gains of the Partnership

Apart from sustaining the present platform, JOYSO is efficient and effective as it is capable of implementing the innovative enhancements of blockchain engineering. There is no doubt at all that its technical support for blockchain engineering will meet clients’ expectations. In other words, JOYSO can implement a sustainable architecture that minimizes trading gas fees.

Furthermore, it will enable free listing of ERC20 tokens as well as allowing users to have accounts without registration. The implication of users having accounts without registration is that the platform will spur anonymous trading among users. What’s more? The partnership will also give users a 50% discount in processing fees, further increasing value for users.

JOYSO/TRON Is on Point

JOYSO had earlier implemented the much-awaited NAS-JOYSO, which is a DEX platform on the Nebulas blockchain. But the partnership with TRON will now lead to the implementation of a system that enables on-chain payment and off-chain matching of traders.

In the end, users can exchange tokens directly from their various wallets. Similarly, TRON has a platform that offers users affordable trading and friendly operations. So, now that the two companies are joining forces, it will attract more users to TRX, which could likely address the TRX price dip.

Risk Disclosure

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