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London Block Exchange (LBX) Adds Ethereum Classic (ETC) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) To Its Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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London Block Exchange (LBX) has announced that Ethereum Classic (ETC) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now tradable cryptocurrencies on its platform.

The addition of the two cryptocurrencies means the UK-based digital currency exchange now has a total of six tradable cryptocurrencies in its portfolio that trade against the GBP. LBX initially started operating through OTC trades in November last year and has been steadily growing over the past few months. The exchange also promised to bring on board more coins in the future.

LBX claims that it is currently the only cryptocurrency exchange in the UK that pairs ETC and BCH with GBP. They feel it gives them an advantage over its competition. The exchange also provides on-shore banking services to its customers while also providing them with access to the Faster Payment system. The management of the UK-based exchange has promised to bring include new coins at a regular rate, meaning users will soon have access to more trading options. However, there has been no official announcement about the cryptocurrencies that LBX is planning to support in the future.

In a blog post, the company was happy to announce the new additions to its expanding cryptocurrency list. The press release also reveals the newly added cryptocurrencies will pair as follows: ETC-BTC, ETC-GBP, BCH-BTC, and BCH-GBP.

Benjamin Dives, founder and CEO of LBX, says the exchange has been working on serving cryptocurrency enthusiasts and that it has been acting according to what its customers want. Additionally, it has remained focused towards providing the UK cryptocurrency trading community with cryptocurrencies that are of good quality. All of the cryptocurrencies that LBX currently offers find backing from user-friendly, reliable and comprehensive services that are trustworthy.

LBX is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges focusing on serving the growing cryptocurrency market in the UK. However, its recent announcement comes amid efforts by authorities to boost cryptocurrency regulations in London. Cryptocurrency performance has been negatively affected by the announcement of new regulations. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market in the UK seems to be gaining more traction. Though, a recent survey reveals that more people are willing to invest in digital currencies if regulation is implemented. However, a significant number also revealed that they were in support of decentralized currency. They like the idea because the state does not control it.


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