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MAD Network Unveils The Exciting CryptoRTB

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MAD Network unveils CryptoRTB

MAD Network is a cryptography and blockchain solutions firm that targets the advertising industry. Recently, MAD Network has announced that it is collaborating with Omnicom Media Group, the media arm of Omnicom Group. A cryptography-oriented advertising firm, Omnicom Group uses proof-of-concept (POC), also called CryptoRTB. The POC is a test activation launched before a DMEXCO panel. Among the panelists at the launch were Adam Helfgott, the MAD Network Founder and CEO, and Jonathan Steuer, Omnicom Media Group Chief Research Officer. In addition, the CEO of Gabbcon, Gabe Greenberg, moderated the launch.

Indeed, this winter will witness yet another activation, which aims to test the existing programmatic campaign processes. In fact, there will be a comparison of the test with the existing model in order to expose the fraud in the current digital supply chain.

About CryptoRTB

CryptoRTB is developed to provide cost transparency, optimize media weight, and eliminate all the wastes from the value chain. Also, a client of Omnicom Media Group will test CryptoRTB. The aim of the activation was to enlighten the panelists about all there was to know about the concept. The activation delivered a better explanation of its full and complete source, data in transparent supply chain, and cost of all inventory.

Benefits of CryptoRTB

Looking at the nitty-gritty, CryptoRTB supports premium video ad milieu. With CryptoRTB, such an environment doesn’t endanger the economics for publishers and advertisers and leads to trust between users. Also, CryptoRTB’s supply-side enables publishers to get higher cost in every one thousand impressions and get rid of fraudulent inventory. Furthermore, CryptoRTB’s supply-side will identify opportunities that can lead to cost reduction.

In addition, the protocol guarantees the creation of immutable records. To this end, CryptoRTB will leverage blockchain capabilities and the use of cryptography to authenticate campaign performance. As a result, advertisers can validate and acknowledge an impression as well as assess the authenticity of the data used. By doing so, it delivers transparency across the digital supply chain and ensures the compliance with GDPR provisions.

Official Statements

Helfgott makes a comparison of the functions of both the blockchain and cryptography. He said that the blockchain tells the users that something has occurred while cryptography tells if it is true or false. He pointed out that that it is a digital ad solution that gives buyers and sellers a real digital pipeline efficacy.

Speaking, Steuer echoed the views of Helfgott. He stated that the current digital advertising supply chain has the challenges of information disparity and inefficiency. He also noted that CryptoRTB recasts advertising infrastructure, thus giving the users some exciting benefits. Concluding, he listed the benefits as maximizing transparency, trust, and accountability among brands, publishers, and modern agencies.


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