NetCents Piles Up August Achievements


NetCents Technology Inc. recorded great strides in the month of August. To start with, NetCents is one of the most reputable next-generation online payment processing platforms. To emphasize, the platform aims at deploying blockchain to exploit the global drift from traditional payment means to digital payment processors. Of course, August was a remarkable month for the platform, as it registered a lot of enviable successes.

By August 23rd, NetCents entered into a remarkable collaboration with a leading streaming video services company. With this merchant agreement, this streaming video company will avail itself of the NetCents Merchant Gateway to facilitate crypto payment for its subscription-based service, as well as for its advertising services. This is a landmark success story for the platform, as the latter company already boasts more than 120 million unique daily visitors scattered all across the globe. Its ad network alone rakes in more than 3 billion advertising impressions every day.

Achievements upon Achievements for NetCents

In most cases, many companies would rest on their oars, but not this one. As early as August 24th, the platform dazzled us again by announcing it was unleashing a branded cryptocurrency credit card into the European and Canadian markets. In light of this, this revolutionary NetCents Card will be adopted by more than 40 million merchants globally. Such adoption will be anywhere Mastercard and Visa are already in use.

However, this new card comes with the added benefit of being unique. Quite in an impressive contrast to existing credit cards, it won’t be mandatory for cardholders to pre-load cryptocurrency onto their card. This is because the card directly links to their NetCents wallet. Was that all for August? Certainly not!

Not Finished Yet

By the 28th of August, NetCents shocked us further by announcing its glorious entry into the video game industry. The platform was ambitiously exploring fusing cryptocurrency payments into gaming in the form of a payment processor. Hence, it will find use as an Asset Management System. In addition to this, NetCents will provide support for smart contracts, especially on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, this will see the platform providing support for the ERC 721 as well as the ERC 20 tokens. Be that as it may be, you could already be yawning at the seemingly endless list of August achievements from NetCents. Too much success begins to bore right?

Back on August 16th, the platform pelted the market with five fresh coins. This massive induction of new coins into the NetCents ecosystem was a result of the Partner and Merchant requests which were to come. These five added coins included Horizon (HZ), Verge (XVG), NEM (XEM), TRON (TRX). and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


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Author: Jeffrey McGovern

Jeff is a cryptocurrency supporter and shares great admiration for both blockchain tech and Bitcoin. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Jeff graduated from North Carolina State University, but now resides in South Florida. With a background in English Literature, he never believed his 10 years of writing experience would be used towards creating and editing important crypto/blockchain related news.

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