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Omniex Making It Easier To Join The Crypto-sphere

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Omniex spands its toolset for trading crypto-assets.

While the wait for Wall Street funds is on, Omniex has completed its platform to accommodate more traders. It is the first comprehensive crypto-asset platform for institutional investors. Last month, the company raised seed funding in the tune of $10M USD from leading firms. In addition, the trading firm has announced a wave of new clients.

Who are the New Trading Clients?

The following firms made the list: Jump Trading, Circle, DV Chain, Crescent and Crypto. That’s not all; others include Galaxy IP, BKCM, OSL, Wyre, and several others. Indeed, Omniex Edge is a platform that handles the market challenges of institutions that seek crypto-asset exposure. With Omniex Edge, there’s a guaranteed end-to-end solution for trade execution, portfolio, and risk management. In addition to those services, Omniex Edge also provides investment operations among other services.

The Omniex Clients Share their Views

With Omniex, there’s wherewithal to manage whatever challenge the crypto-market presents, says Brian Kelly, Founder and CEO of BKCM. Also, Omniex’s order-routing and execution technologies were extremely attractive, he says. He pointed out that his firm has an active trading strategy.

Another listed client shares his views. The Head of Trading at OSL, Ryan Rabaglia, stated that crypto-assets have unique features that aren’t seen in other markets. The firm developed its platform to embrace and account for differences in cryptocurrencies, Rabaglia says. He noted that the comprehensive platform has become the alternative to applying legal technology to solve institutional investors’ problems.

Also, the co-founder and CEO of Crescent Crypto Capital Management, Ali Hassan, joins the conversation to have his take. Hassan said that the Omniex team has developed a satisfactory entry point for institutional investors to the market. Describing its business model, Hassan noted that they have never seen such a “mature” and “sophisticated” solution before.

Advantages of the Omniex Platform

Indeed, the company offers a high-performance execution management system (EMS) with a robust GUI. This is alongside the order management system (OMS) and a portfolio management system (PMS). Not to mention that the platform delivers high-performance FIX API.

In addition, the ambitious company provides other professional services such as smart order routing services and algorithm execution. To build a more robust cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Omniex team has also partnered other industry players.

The CEO and co-founder of Omniex, Hu Liang, offers a fresh perspective. Hu says that institutions around the world have been looking for ways of harnessing crypto-asset potentials. Though, they lack trading and investment tools that financial institutions demand, he says. Hu, who was grateful for industry’s support, says they are eager to start working with the new clients.


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