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Check Out The Plans Charles Hoskinson Has For Cardano (ADA)

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Charles Hoskinson

The founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, believes that ADA will become the first cryptocurrency to hit a trillion dollars in the future. He further revealed that if that is achieved, it means he and his team has effectively developed a self-sustaining network that will stand the test of time. Hoskinson, who doubles as the CEO of Cardano, pointed out that he is a man full of ambitions and daring plans. Furthermore, he notes that those qualities are beginning to manifest in the ADA project.

Hoskinson Is Truly Dreaming Big

In a session with EMURGO, a special ADA blockchain-based incubator for startups, Hoskinson reiterated his determination and resolve to bring out the best in ADA. Similarly, the co-founder of Ethereum said that Wall Street venture capitalists would bring trillions of dollars to virtual currencies. He also argues that cryptocurrenciess are the greatest inventions between now and 1000 years ago.

On a June 21st tweet, he also expressed the same hope. He says that possibility will exist when investors from Wall Street take another look at the cryptocurrency industry. If they do and invest tens of trillions of dollars in it, the future will be bright.

Here Is Hoskinson’s Vision For EMURGO

Coming to EMURGO, Hoskinson said that he hopes to see the startups that EMURGO produces to become leaders of thought. He added that achieving this will enable them to offer useful services both to companies and smart contracts. Hoskinson also said that an enormous part of the philosophy will be addressing issues stemming from decentralization.

Hoskinson believes that EMURGO would be able to solve many societal vices such as abuse, corruption, fraud and others. The CEO posited that he wants to see an EMURGO that will eventually become the ecosystem’s leader in the near future. Furthermore, he expresses hope that when it happens, new entrepreneurs will continue investing massively in the project.

ADA Community

Just like the case of BCH, the ADA community seems to be a very supportive one. This is apparent as they always respond positively whenever Hoskinson shares his dreams on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc., without any attacks from online trolls. When a cryptocurrency has community members more concerned about its development than bull runs, it’s a plus for the founder(s). This is where the difference seems to lie. As Hoskinson is pouring out his heart to the community members, the market cap of ADA at the time of writing remains $4.2 billion, trading at $0.165.


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