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PowerLoan, Bitraddo Coin: Cryptocurrency Platforms That Claim To Make Money For You

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The immense popularity of cryptocurrency has lead to increase in the number of new companies appearing in the market by the fourth quarter of 2017. Rather, experts opine that at present, almost every company or organization big or small in every niche is eager to introduce cryptocurrency in its working one way or the other.

In the last few months, the loan niche in this market has shown overwhelming growth as these companies offer more money to the client using their investment. One such company, Powerloan, offers loans to its client using blockchain technology. It uses one of the most popular algorithms (SHA256) for creating an online funding system. The technology used by Powerloan makes it possible for its clients to use the funding system online from any country or institution across the globe.

Powerloan’s Token Earning Process

The clients use this system and offer microloans to Powerloan. In return, they receive tokens which can also be earned via trading, referrals and mining. Prior to making it available for loan, the company tested the system with a small group of people. With the rise in the incidences of cybercrime, many may have a doubts in regards to making the microloans.

However, it seems the company is quite confident of its security measures as it has taken all the necessary steps to avoid hackers or tackle any type of cyber threat that Powerloan may face online. Importantly, the company is ready to pay bounties to those users who could find loopholes in their security system which indicates that Powerloan is indeed secure and safe.

Is There Any Guarantee Of Good Returns?

That is the first question you must ask when it comes to any ICO-based investment company, because you must be 100% sure whether the company you are investing with has the right techniques and technology to offer you profit on your investment. According to Powerloan, it will invest 35% of its money in smart home technology and renewable energy. It will also invest 35% funds in blockchain technology and tokenization of green energy.

Making Money With Bittrado Coin

This online cryptocurrency firm makes money for its clients through cryptocurrency staking, mining and trading schemes. It is a type of gambling ecosystem where you gamble and trade albeit by paying low fees. The company says that it offers an extremely safe staking blockchain platform through which investors can earn rewards.

Although a lot of information is available on Bittrado’s website, it is all related to gambling and mostly encourages the users to invest in their lending scheme which pays the users 45% returns every month (that comes to 0.31% every day). There is no proof that that Bittrado offers a safe investment scheme.

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