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Price Forecast For Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies In 2028: Part 1

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Cryptocurrency Price

In a speculative environment, such as the cryptocurrency market, speculative ideals are indispensable. Just by trading in futures, traders can potentially make good money. Perhaps this explains why prediction of the price of cryptocurrencies is inevitable.

To this end, ICO advisory firm Satis Group is predicting the prices of many cryptocurrencies for up to 10 years’ time. Certainly, the prices they are forecasting will interest you. The Satis Group says they are attempting to create accurate prices of the digital coins using available data.

Predicting the Value of Each Cryptocurrency

Indeed, Satis Group says that assigning a particular price for each of the cryptocurrencies is difficult. Cryptocurrency is technology and many people don’t know its value yet, the Group posited. Also, it says that giving them individual asset valuations may lead to speculators causing wild price volatility.

How Price Is Determined

The Satis Group adopted a methodology to determine prices. Researchers Michael Hodapp and Sherwin Dowlat wrote the report after considering a wide range of factors. In fact, these factors are the essential determinants that made them arrive at assigned prices. These factors are quantity theory, peer-based metric, and discounted cash flow models.

Prices of the Digital Currencies
Bitcoin (BTC)

In pricing Bitcoin, the Satis Group noted that the foremost cryptocurrency will continue to be in charge. Just as BTC is expected to influence the price of other cryptocurrencies, they noted that that influence won’t change. As a result, it predicted the price of BTC to be $96,378 USD in 2023 and approx. $144,000 USD by the end of 2028.

Monero (XMR)

On XMR, the Group has some interesting forecasts. Indeed, it fixed the price at $18,000 USD in the next half a decade and estimated that Monero will be worth $39,000 USD in 10 years’ time. Also, the research firm believes that XMR will be just as influential as BTC is in the market.

Zcash (ZEC) and Dash (DASH)

The next in line in higher prices after XMR were the pair, Zcash and Dash. Interestingly, for their five year predictions, the group kept them as $4,400 USD and $1,900 USD, for Zcash and Dash respectively. For the next decade, the firm forecast $9,000 USD and $3,000 USD for the pair of Zcash and Dash respectively.

Litecoin (LTC)

Nonetheless, what is even more perplexing is what could have happened to Ethereum and the next ranger Ripple. As these cryptocurrencies are quite unique, it explains why they are still relevant today. However, the group said that LTC will never reattain its ATH of $375 USD. Surprisingly, LTC price is pegged at $225 USD in a decade. Be Ready For Post 2 Coming Tomorrow!


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