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ProximaX To Power RocketShoes’ Advanced Education Platform

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ProximaX collaborates with RocketShoes.

ProximaX is collaborating with RocketShoes to help blockchain encroach more into the premises of the educational sector. In light of this, we will see RocketShoes deploying ProximaX to run its advanced education platform. With this collaboration, ProximaX confidently expands past the domain of fintech services for which it is popular for. So who are these guys?

Explaining ProximaX and RocketShoes

To start with, PromimaX rose to prominence as an advanced extension of blockchain and DLT solutions. It’s splendor sparkles through its wide spectrum of offered utilities, protocols, and industry-standard services. In addition to this, ProximaX deploys blockchain at its heart, proffering a decentralized storage layer, multimedia streaming, as well as a messaging layer. This way, the technology is able to provide users with a comprehensive platform for developing decentralized apps (DApps) in a platform that is exceedingly easy to program.

Moving over, RocketShoes notably lives in the education niche famous for its adoption of blockchain technology. Essentially, this is a digital asset platform built around the prospective learner, enabling them with a decentralized alternative of managing his educational content. Therefore, using a decentralized storage layer, the student, and even large organizations, can more effectively administer their resources and data.

What Will the Collaboration Look Like

With the technological flavor of ProximaX technology, the RocketShoes app gets better at helping students manage their digital assets, their notes, and assignments. More than this, ProximaX and RocketShoes coming together increases the security of the RocketShoes app.  Furthermore, the decentralized network via its third-party storage will give the users 100% up-time. With this in mind, replicated data is easily within reach of peers resident in one network. Hence, users will no longer worry about the duplication of data. That is because the deduplication functionality erases this possibility in the network.

Similarly, ProximaX will massively inject high performance into the RocketShoes educational app. This is expected considering that the network scalability of ProximaX neatly beats that of a centralized network. This is courtesy of its Content Addressable Storage (CAS) technology that allows for the use of a digital thumbprint in the storage and retrieval of data. Moreover, the Access Content Offline (caching) will also be coming into the mix. With this, users will savor the luxury of offline access.

New decentralized platforms such as ProximaX and RocketShoes are going to completely change the eLearning landscape, and we’re going to be at the forefront of that change,” says Matt Riddle, CEO and Founder of RocketShoes.

We’re working with leading educational institutions to build a next-generation platform that will enable an entirely new set of affordances, focusing on a highly learner-centric approach.

We eagerly look forward to the possibilities this union of ProximaX and RocketShoes will unlock.


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