Pundi X Forever Changes The Landscape With XPhone

Pundi X Forever Changes The Landscape With XPhone

Are you are aware that a blockchain-based mobile phone has launched? If no, then this news coming from the stable of Pundi X will catch your fancy. Pundi X, a leading maker of blockchain-based devices, shook the blockchain world when it announced that it has developed a blockchain-enabled OS and communication protocol for mobile phones.

Details of the Pundi X Development

With this amazing development, people can make calls, transfer and transmit data, as well as send messages on a blockchain network. In the statement, Pundi X noted that Function X powers the latest technology. Looking at it, Function X is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem. The phone has a name XPhone, and the company says that it runs on a transmission protocol. Unarguably, this is one of the blockchain use cases beyond cryptocurrency which many people have been waiting for.

Uniqueness of XPhone

What makes blockchain-powered phones amazing is that they operate on independent, centralized carriers. Indeed, XPhone offers that feature. Interestingly, users can make calls and send messages without having the phone number of the receiver or the caller. To achieve this, all they require to do is to route the phone call or text message through the blockchain nodes. On the other hand, Pundi X created Function X to allow users to send and receive messages on Function X-enabled devices securely.

What Can a User Do with XPhone?

To send and receive a message, users take advantage of a transmission protocol called FXTP; it has an entirely decentralized file storage system, IPFX. Also, the users can securely share data as they do with current mobile phones. Basically, the most significant use of FXTP is that it empowers app developers to publish decentralized applications (DApps) easily and quickly. This breathtaking piece launched Wednesday at XBlockchain Summit, where the company showcased XPhone to journalists. The phone enables the user to toggle on and off the OS, which is Android 9.0-enabled.

Official Remarks

The co-founder and CTO of Pundi X, Pitt Huang, noted that the company develops blockchain-powered technology so as to solve blockchain-oriented problems. Huang noted that by doing so, the company makes the blockchain more “usable in our life.” In relation to the Internet, Huang said that it took decades before the Internet was applied in many different areas, such as human relationship, governance, and the economy. He likened blockchain of today to the internet in the early 1990s, noting that Function X would be transformational to the blockchain just as the browser is to the internet. He posited that the new phone allows people to have greater control over their data; Pundi X believes that decentralization is at the core of blockchain technology.


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