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Jumptuit And Quisitive To Forge A New Data Exchange

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Jumptuit brings big data to blockchain.

The Blockchain world is ever changing and ever evolving. Quistive and Jumptuit, two of the most interesting companies out there, just took blockchain technology to a whole new level.

In order to remain competitive in today’s blockchain scene, companies need to go out of their way to explore unfamiliar technology.


As a matter of fact, this company operates under the Microsoft umbrella. They help customers learn new technological innovations that’ll enable them to function effectively in today’s business world.

Business climates change often and without much in the way of a warning. Quisitive aims to help customers navigate the ever-evolving technologies that their businesses operate in.


Jumptuit is a company whose main aim is to deliver relevant insights and data based on the location, events, and activities of its users.

Formally known as TransMedia, Jumptuit is a Software as a Service company (SaaS).

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The main aim of the collaboration between Quisitive and Jumptuit is to develop SaaS. They plan on using this software to automatically manage analytics and data.

SaaS is a software licensing model whereby software is licensed to consumers on a subscription basis. In the case of SaaS, the software is centrally hosted.

Both companies aim to improve blockchain technology significantly with their development of SaaS.

Standard Protocol of this New Data Exchange

The standard protocol of this data exchange would include three inter-dependent steps. The first step makes use of a “Smart Start Workshop” to enable business owners to determine their problems while offering a solution. The second step involves the use of a “proof of concept” to find out the actual value of the business. The third and final step is all about scaling blockchain solution development for businesses.

Speaking of the partnership, Scotty Perkins, Quisitive’s Senior Vice President of product innovations, had the following to say; “There is a lot of justifiable excitement around blockchain right now, but it can be difficult for companies to separate what’s real from what is hype. Jumptuit understands how enterprise blockchain can solve very difficult problems in SaaS businesses in powerful new ways…… as Jumptuit continues to enhance its information platform; we’ll be able to deliver a tested and refined solution that helps them properly construct and track their information assets across their different business units.

In conclusion, Quisitive, a finalist for Microsoft partner of the year 2018, is one of the few blockchain and AI partners currently working with Microsoft.

This young company has been at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies, so their involvement in SaaS was bound to happen sooner or later.

Furthermore, the future looks as bright as it has ever been for Quisitive. Accordingly, we’ll be following the progress of this company throughout the coming months.


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