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How To Receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) From Your Twitter Feed

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How To Receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) From Your Twitter Feeds

You would agree with us that a lot of secrets are hidden from people. Well, that’s why they are called secrets. In this piece, you will learn about one such secret: earning Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tips from a Twitter feed on your WordPress page. You see, in recent times, it has become increasingly hassle-free to monetize content using cryptocurrency. No doubt, CashTippr is the secret. Did you know about it?

CashTippr Helps you Make Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Basically, CashTippr lets you post messages, memes, and other info on your Twitter timeline. The tool is not new. What is new, is you can now put CashTippr on your WordPress site to make some Bitcoin Cash tips. Unfortunately, it can only support BCH at the moment. That said, more and more people are beginning to see the importance of this WordPress plugin. On paper, many people are made to believe that it is a mere plugin. However, there is more to it than meets the eyes. Indeed, the reason is that in reality, you could earn passive money with it by receiving BCH tips. While it may not have the market traction of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), you can still do so much with your BCH tips.

CashTippr Update

After a successful update, people have come to realize that they can make some BCH through CashTippr. It has increased its popularity among crypto enthusiasts and IT savvy people. If you own a website, just install the plugin. Afterward, you can get users to pay to post on your Twitter timeline. While it is a different way of paying for ad, the business model can introduce some benefits to website owners. Given that it is very easy to install, it appears that other websites will integrate it sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, you will need your CashTippr core plugin installed before using the Twitter extension. Something you will find amazing is that the built-in shortcodes makes it integration stress-free.

CashTippr Filters Content

What’s more? Apart from receiving tips through your CashTippr, you may also use it to filter unwanted content, thus ridding your site of such subjects/info. Yes, it’s good riddance to bad rubbish with CashTippr. With it, Twitter users may decide to eliminate certain hashtags, domain name, words, and terms. Indeed, this method can be very appealing to ICOs. Looking at what it means for BCH, it could significantly increase its adoption, eventually. While you may argue that BCH is not as highly ranked as BTC or ETH, you must take caution not to write it off yet.

The creation of more cryptocurrency revenue streams is a sign that the crypto industry is continuously growing. Undoubtedly, CashTippr is doing its bit.


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