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Reddcoin (RDD) Launches New ReddID Wallet

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Reddcoin (RDD) Launches Its New ReddID Wallet

A popular social media cryptocurrency, Reddcoin, is excited to announce the release of its ReddID wallet. With this wallet, Reddcoin users can now access Reddcoin’s signature platform for the system. Also, this means that they get system rewards and high-quality social media content recognition. Recall that Reddcoin is working toward becoming the official “like” button on the internet, where social media users can reward great online content. The content includes a Facebook location check-in, uploaded Instagram pictures, a witty Reddit comment, and a funny YouTube video. In addition to that, the team behind Reddcoin believes that users can potentially exchange tips for gift cards or physical goods.

How ReddID Wallet Works

With the latest wallet, Reddcoin users can create unique ReddID names for their various wallets, thus eliminating the need to memorize long wallet addresses. Upon creating this easy-to-remember wallet name, the user of Reddcoin can then link them to his or her Reddit, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Next, just with a click, the Reddcoin users can reward one another. They can also invite one another to join the social media platform.

More Benefits

Apart from providing this service, Reddcoin is also faster than other digital currency platforms. For instance, the speed of Reddcoin is ten times faster than that of Bitcoin (BTC). Unquestionably, this makes the cryptocurrency stand out. Moreover, Reddcoin offers its users the rare opportunity of keeping their RDD coins in the ReddID wallet, thus eliminating the need to have gigabytes of data to access the wallet.

In addition to that, Reddcoin also serves as a coin for utility payment. It’s noteworthy to add that Reddcoin allows its users to determine the social media content. With that function, users can determine the content creators that produce the most popular and hottest online content. Coming to content creators, Reddcoin gives them the opportunity to get both recognition and payments for “a job well done.” No doubt, what this means is that ReddID allows for the building of a thriving online digital community.

Official Statement

The objective of creating cryptocurrency is to make the ecosystem egalitarian, transparent, and honest, says Jay Laurence, a ReddID team co-leader. Popularly called “TechAdept,” Laurence stated that virtual currency seeks to break down borders, thus creating a global community. He added that the release of ReddID will help the team members at Reddcoin Coin to reposition. The team co-leader concluded that Reddcoin guarantees fun, safety, and education.

About Reddcoin (RDD)

Launched in 2014, Reddcoin has a mission of contributing its bit to the ongoing cryptocurrency revolution. Truly, it aims to reclaim the users’ rights over their content and data. With the aid of RDD, Reddcoin enables micro-transactions and the tipping of social media content creators.


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