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3 Small Cap Tokens With Potentially Huge Futures

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3 Small Cap Tokens With Potentially Huge Futures

The cryptocurrency space is seeing a proliferation of tokens and coins. Interestingly, there are over 2000 digital currencies as of now. This poses a challenge to a potential investor who would like to get the best out of their money. Surprisingly, there is a chance that one can get such high return by investing in small cap tokens.

Small Cap Tokens with Unrealized Potential

Basically, small capitalization tokens are in the middle of the token lineup in terms of market capitalization. Further, they are tokens with untested potential. Therefore, it is possible for them to shoot through the roof in terms of price in a moment’s notice. However, herein lies the risk. A blog post on Medium warns that such tokens could wipe one’s investments in a flash.

Furthermore, there are specific small cap tokens that can make up good investments. As per current standing on CoinMarketCap and general performance, the following tokens could be good investments.

Siacoin (SIA)

According to data on CoinMarketCap, Sia has a market capitalization of slightly over $229M USD. Although it is experiencing a price fall like many other coins, Sia exhibits far more stability. But why invest in the token anyway? Siacoin basically focuses on the way online storage works. Interestingly, one can earn Siacoin by simply leasing out disk space for other users or clients.

However, one has to maintain an online presence such that anyone can get access to the files anytime. Apparently, when a computer is off, there is no connection to the Sia network and hence files become inaccessible. Market analysts agree that this novel storage mechanism is a big thing and could explode in the future.

Selfkey (KEY)

Like all other small cap tokens and coins, Selfkey fell against the USD in recent trading periods. Interestingly, the coin is gaining against major altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH). With a market cap of $13M USD, the coin shows a lot of potential, especially considering its utility. The coin promises complete ownership of one’s digital identity. Actually, this is one aspect that makes the coin uniquely attractive. Therefore, it is best for value investing.

Linda (LINDA)

Among the small cap tokens of interest is Linda. Interestingly, there are misconceptions about the coin that hinder its full potential. Linda competes with the blockchain systems of EOS and Ethereum. The coin incorporates an ingenious wallet solution that beats all competition. On top of that , it is at the forefront of Atomic Swaps. Additionally, the coin is growing exponentially in value and might surprise in the near term.


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