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SMART VALOR Democratizes Global Investments

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Swiss fintech firm - SMART VALOR - leads the pack in making investments accessible.

SMART VALOR is a Switzerland-based financial technology (fintech) platform. The platform announced that its new project will make it the first digital assets platform to offer a Swiss Franc stablecoin. In the announcement, the company noted that the service has become possible due to the partnership with banks and e-commerce institutions. In brief, SMART VALOR will provide the tech infrastructure that these firms will require to issue a tokenized Swiss Franc stablecoin known as CHFt. Moreover, the company is looking to leverage its regulatory approach to issue CHFt itself.

Talks Are Ongoing

SMART VALOR is currently discussing with banks and cryptocurrency exchanges with a view of going forward with a partnership agreement. On the technical side of things, the company it taking advantage of its membership of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

To address the issue of interoperability of CHFt solutions, SMART VALOR is also working to close out a deal with Adhara, an integrated information technology service provider. Additionally, Adhara is a member of EEA. SMART VALOR will leverage Adhara’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution for banks.

In his contribution, CEO of SMART VALOR, Olga Feldmeier, noted that the fintech firm will become the pioneer of this service, which global liquidity pools will support. Feldmeier stated that the CHFt solution will provide “an infrastructure layer for crypto assets that will generate immense value for digital assets ecosystem.”

The Role of Banks

The statement noted that banks will play a vital role in bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat. To this end, the partnering banks will provide SMART VALOR with the enabling infrastructure; even as they work with key players that adhere to a high standard of KYC/AML policy. In other words, the bank customers will open cryptocurrency wallets within the SMART VALOR platform, thus benefiting from CHFt-equivalent instant credit. However, the Swiss Franc will remain with the issuing banks as collateral. Indeed, the ultimate aim is to give the bank clients instant access to cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.

SMART VALOR Unveils Early Access Program

In a similar vein, SMART VALOR has unveiled its Early Access Program for issuers and investors. With the target at 5,000 participants, the Early Access Program will empower investors and issuers to shape the tokenized assets marketplace.

To make the program more interesting, the company is promising to give away tips to the first 5,000 interested participants to sign up. In effect, the financial benefits will come in the form of VALOR token, SMART VALOR’s cryptocurrency. That’s not all; the issuers will also enjoy unlimited access to digital asset listings from the first quarter of 2019. Coming to the security tokens, they will get listed from the second quarter of the same year.

Risk Disclosure

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